The Kolus

Cruel and Unusual

Matthew Wilcox, Section Editor

May 30, 2018

He’d done it a million times before, but when confronted with a particularly challenging chapter of “Dante’s Inferno,” Amir Rothko simply could not understand the Sparknotes page he had visited in lieu of actually reading...

Kolus: Unsolved

Matthew Wilcox, Staff Reporter

April 13, 2018

The Kolus, Shorewood’s most beloved news staple (take that, Potty Talk) read by literally everybody in the student body, is rumored to have a secret online issue, although sources are providing conflicting reports on its digital...

Grammar: Ain’t it a Pain?

Kaira Tamura, Staff Reporter

March 9, 2018

Last week, hundreds of students ranging from middle school all the way through high school gathered to lobby for something they say has been a long time coming: a complete revamp of the English language.   Their argument...