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Riley Smith

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If there’s one guy at Shorewood everyone knows, it’s Andrew “A.C.” Christianson. He’s easy to identify as the Shorewood ASB President. However, if someone were to come to our school without knowing this, they could easily identify A.C. as they guy who goes out of his way to be friendly to all students. They’d see him in the morning as he greets them cheerfully at the west entrance, and they’d see him throughout the day waving and smiling at them, doing anything he can to make people welcome.

Despite his being a big presence in the school, many people don’t know what, besides the obvious, A.C. actually does as ASB President.

“My primary job is to be in charge of student wellness and quality of life.” A.C. said. “I’m the guy who’s kind of in charge of any all-school involvement pieces, such as like homecoming assemblies, what not.”

“I also have quarterly summit meetings with Mr. Dunbar, staff administration, PTSA, boosters, what not, to make sure our visions are in line, and we’re working together as a whole, instead of…going in different directions,” A.C. explained.

A.C. expressed love for his job; “I love being involved with the school. The school’s beautiful.” He took a sentimental glance around the empty hallways and said: “It’s amazing, I wouldn’t want to go to school anywhere else. So to be able to be so involved in the school is honestly a privilege to me.”

Judging by the applause, many students were impressed with A.C.’s speech at the beginning of the school year. A.C. attributes his inspiration for the speech to Houston Kraft. A professional speaker and leadership coach, Kraft spoke at last summer’s leadership camp, which A.C. attended along with most of the ASB leadership students. Kraft’s motto is “Choose Love”, a principle A.C. firmly believes in.

A.C. described his philosophy: “I believe that one of the most important aspects that we need to work on at our school, and at any school really, is loving each other, and showing that we honestly care- so I do my best each day to try to show I care in one way or another for all the students at the school; whether it’s greeting people that I’ve recently met, sharing a sandwich with someone who’s hungry, high-fiving, saying ‘Hey, how’s your day man’, that kind of thing.”

The job is clearly of importance to A.C. Therefore, in order to leave the school is good hands, he provided some words of advice for next year’s ASB President: “Be involved and love the school, because if you love them, the students of the school will love you. And if the students of the school love you, then…by doing the little things to help them, everything that’s great and big like homecoming, football games, what not, [will] just get bigger, better, and more beautiful overall.”

A.C., seeming pleased to share the details of his role as a student leader, parted with some words for his fellow classmates:

“ASB has some big things planned ahead, so Shorewood be prepared.”

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A moment with AC