Voting soon? Get informed

Riley Smith, staff reporter

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High school, for all students, is a rite of passage. At the end of high school, once we turn 18, we are viewed as adults: official citizens in society. So it’s therefore important for us to know about the society in which we live.

Many of us will become registered voters when we turn 18, and some of us will be ready to vote in the next Presidential election. This is why it is important to be politically aware. I know from conversation that many of my friends at Shorewood either blindly follow their parents’ political orientation or simply don’t care about politics. In my opinion, this needs to change.

Those who know me know that I am, in contrast, highly interested in politics and political science. I am an avid Marxist. By reading Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and the likes of them, along with studying political history, I have become very passionate for the cause of socialist egalitarianism. From all of this, I have learned that politics are always, more or less, in the hands of the people. And that is why we must know what we believe in.

There was definitely some conversation happening at Shorewood during the 2012 Presidential election, as well as the 2013 Seattle elections. I remember many Shorewood kids talking about how they supported President Obama in seeking a second term. I was delighted to hear this inkling of political discussion.

As we turn 18, we will have political power. We will be able to participate in the choosing of those who govern us. Even though I don’t agree with the system, as part of an upcoming generation I think it is important to get involved in helping, as much as we can, to shape our society’s future. Voting is the obvious choice, but action can be taken in many other ways.

I’m not calling for a revolution (though I admittedly wouldn’t be opposed to one) but I still think that, within the parameters of our capitalist society, if every voice is heard, we can make change happen. Voting is a good place to start. Even people interested in alternative politics like myself can participate in this. For instance, Kshama Sawant was recently elected to the Seattle City Council, a member of the Socialist Alternative Party.

This small victory demonstrates that if young people educate themselves and get into politics, differences can be made. No matter what you believe in, as a human being you have all the power needed to help make the world better for yourself, and your children.

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Voting soon? Get informed