Girls’ swimming closer than ever

crowded bus means a cozy and close team

Lily Gustafson, sports editor

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Despite the new team bonding rule, requiring a coach to be present at all team bondings, Shorewood girls’ swim is closer than ever. Especially on the bus going to meets.

With about 53 girls, a coach, and all their gear piled into one bus, it’s safe to say there isn’t much wiggle room. “The bus is crazy. It’s pure chaos,” said junior Britt Blomso.

Senior Sandra Bojic had a little different description of the bus atmosphere. “It’s a rush of a sugar high and cliché play lists,” she said. “Afterwards there are always cookies and candy and everybody singing out of tune.”

It seems like the swim team is somewhere in between one and two busses. “We take only one bus in most situations unless we have a really large team and everyone is entered in the meet. If that were the case, then I would ask for two buses. We have done so a few times in the last few years,” said coach Susie McDowell.

The SW girls’ swim team has two coaches: McDowell and Jeremy Hunter. “The coaches help the team settle down, except for Jeremy, he kind of makes us noisier,” said Bojic.

On the hectic bus, it’s good to create some space for yourself. Now an upperclassman, Blomso has figured out how to do that. “There are two to three people to a seat, but if you assert yourself, you can get your own seat,” she said. “Also, if someone is sleeping, they get their own seat.”

While some snooze, others are getting hyped for the meet. “Towards the end, the captains like to start a cheer to get everyone pumped up,” said senior captain Hye Joo Ro.

While the bus situation might not be ideal for some people, Bojic said it has had its benefits, including the victory cheer they do on the bus after a win. “It helps us to get to know each other better,” she said.

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Girls’ swimming closer than ever