What’s your style?

Jamie Walker, reporter

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Self-expression comes in many forms. The clothing you roll out of bed in, the shoes that you throw on as you hobble out the door: these all shape our own personal style. Style, whether by unconscious or conscious choice, represents how we would like to portray ourselves to our peers. Here at Shorewood, we’re lucky to have a diverse group of students with individualistic and personal grasps on their own fashion.

Kolus sits down with JUNIOR LEXIE YAMADA to discuss her take on style. Each month, we will get to know the point of view of a student confident with their style.

Q: What does fashion mean to you?

A: To me, fashion is a style of dress or a manner of behavior. My favorite thing is that it is abstract because it is relative to different people.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: I just wear whatever I feel like wearing that particular day or night. It really depends on my mood, or perhaps, the weather.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop?

A: I enjoy shopping at Goodwill, the Antique Mall, Walmart, Ross…

Q: What do you think of thrift shopping?

A: I think that thrift shopping is alright. A plus is that it’s cheap but it’s hard to find things that are not extra large and sanitary.

Q: How do you dress for the cold weather?

A: I enjoy crochet wool pants. They are super comfy and warm… I also like to wear fur earmuffs and thick scarves that cover my nose.

Fall Fashion Trends

Swinging 60’s

The ‘90s trend is getting a bit of a rewind. 30 years prior, fashion rules were broken and influenced by the rising civil movements. Designers are paying homage to this with soft pastels, voluminous mini skirts and psychedelic prints that once ruled the industry. Get ready for a new era of playful clothing!


Comfort and fashion are meeting once again. Knits – whether they are in the form of sweaters, coats or pants – are definitely comforting all this fall. Neutral tones and soft materials in knits are both easy to match and fun to wear.

Rain, Rain: Don’t Go Away

Waterproof materials are taking the retail stores by storm. However, this trend is not limited to jackets. Innovative, geometric textiles can be found on shirts, pants and hats alike. This is perfect for your fashion-forward wardrobe, and especially great for Seattle weather.

Off To The Laces

Sneakers are definitely walking further into stores this fall. Sportswear-fashion is becoming increasingly popular. These common shoes are being revamped with exciting colors and glossy finishes. Keep a special eye out for pastel tones, graphic lines and metallic fabrics.

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What’s your style?