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We need Prince Fielder

Connor Adams, sports reporter

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Below average. Those two words have been excessively used to describe the Mariners lackadaisical offense over the past few years.

It seems that for ages now, the Mariners have been plagued by a lack of power hitting. The ballpark may be to blame, but after team executives decided to move the outfield fences in by five to ten feet the numbers showed no change.

Let’s put this into perspective, the MLB team average for home runs this year is 137. The Mariners have hit 133. That minus four difference may not seem to matter much, but 4 home runs have the potential for an extra 16 runs. That could mean four extra wins, and at press time, the Mariners are two games out of a wildcard spot. Those four hypothetical wins, would have put us into the playoffs. Four home runs could make all the difference between making the playoffs, and coming up short yet again.

This plague of power can be solved in many ways. Trades, free agent signings, and draft picks could all be valid ways to put an end to this problem, however all these routes all involve risk. In my opinion, a blockbuster trade during the offseason could grind the power drought to a halt.

The question then shifts to, who do they target? Prince Fielder. The home run launcher is 30 year old, and is coming off of a very complex neck surgery which would surely hurt his trade value. It’s a perfect chance for the Mariners to finally go and get the bat that they’ve needed for years now, at a discount price. Fielder has made a complete recovery from his ailment, and is currently training in Florida.

Why Fielder? There’s no doubt that it’s a risk to go and trade for a guy coming off of a major injury, but it’s a risk worth taking in my book. Fielder has smashed a whopping 288 home runs in his MLB career, and is a perennial 100 RBI man when healthy. Prince is also a gold glove quality first baseman, which only adds to his value.

The combination of a quality defender, and a power hitter is a rare package in the MLB, it’s also a package that the Mariners have never seen. They’ve always had one or the other. Some of their great defensive first basemen include John Olerud and Justin Smoak. Their power hitting first basemen have been Richie Sexson, Kendrys Morales, and Logan Morrison, but they’ve never had a package of the two styles. Prince Fielder would be an ideal fit in that perspective.

So it seems like a great fit, right? Yes, it’s a fantastic fit, but the only hesitation from the Mariners front office could be what we would have to give up in order to acquire Fielder.

To me, it would not take much. Maybe a few rookies, and a couple of seasoned veterans. Why wouldn’t you pull the trigger on a deal like this?

Ultimately, this decision is purely dependant on the evaluation of the team by General Manager Jack Zduriencik. This proposed trade could happen, it fits the team’s needs and it’s also a moneymaking situation for the Mariners.

I’d be the first in line to buy a Mariners Prince Fielder jersey with his signature #84 on the back.

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