Dorm Decor

Take your room to the next level

by Kate Grutz, Editor in Chief

As summer approaches and we all prepare for life post-high school, some of us will be getting ready to move out of the house and into college dorms. I, like many other prepubescent girls in the mid-2000s, had an extensive pinterest board filled with inspiration for my future dorm room. To me, decorative throw pillows, polaroid picture walls, and fairy lights were the epitome of true interior design. 

As I’ve aged (and gained some taste and common sense) I’d like to think my interior design opinions have improved, though you should never take my humble opinion as the gospel truth. That being said, here are some dorm decor ideas:

1) A ‘Saturdays are for the boys’ tapestry:

In general, tapestries are boring, overdone, and have come to be a bit embarrassing. The classic Urban Outfitters-style Bohemian tapestry has lost its wonder in my eyes and I’m tired of seeing variations on the exact same wall hanging in every dorm room. Instead of the overrated boho tapestry, I present a much more interesting and artistic choice. A ‘Saturdays are for the boys’ tapestry is a perfect substitute. Not only does this make a powerful statement for all your guests to see, it also perfectly walks the line between classic and unique. This tapestry is a staple in every dorm room but it does not cross over into ‘basic’ territory. It’s a bold statement and it truly brings style into your living space. 

2) A Lacroix can wall:

This is a unique decor choice that I’ve encountered several times in the last few years. The idea is to cover one of your sad, blank walls with stacks of vibrant empty cans of sparkling water (or any drink of your choice). There are numerous pros to this decor idea, one being that you won’t have to discard your used cans. You can just put them on your wall! A Lacroix can wall will show your guests that you’re creative and that you reuse your old refuse in fun ways. It will also let them know how deeply you value hydration. Your guests will be met by the pungent scent of sparkling pear and pamplemousse upon entering your elegant abode. Some of you may have hesitations about using recyclables as high-class decor, you may wonder if your guests will see you as gross or strange, but do not fear, the Lacroix can wall will bring your whole room together as one big piece of art. 

3) A fake Christmas tree:

There’s no better way to let your new college friends know you’re cool than to have a giant, fake Christmas tree in the center of your dorm room. This decor piece will let everyone know that you are festive year-round. You can decorate the tree differently based on different seasons and holidays. You can also clip photos of you and your friends onto it as a more interesting take on the classic photo wall that has been done so many times. Your roommate will absolutely love having a Christmas tree in the room you share and they definitely won’t mind if it ends up on their side of the room at times. The Christmas tree will bring style and cohesion to your room in a way that will be unique to you.