Senior Assassin is back

The rules need clarifying

by Fady Calderon, staff

A March 6, 2022 email from Principal Dunbar notified students, families and staff that the game Senior Assassins with Nerf Guns was “not sanctioned or approved by the school or the student body organization in any way.” 

Yet, senior students decided to create their own game. 

The game ‘Senior Assassin’ is often played by the seniors near the end of their last year of high school. In the game, teams of two compete against each other and try to eliminate other teams together to win the prize, which tends to be money.  

This year, a game of senior assassin was organized through Instagram. Some seniors believed the rules were slightly unclear, like seniors Tristen Hanby and Tyson Shea. 

But overall they’ve felt it’s being run pretty fair. Kaitlyn and Morgan Manalili, seniors, have felt the rules were clear and fair. Even if the rules weren’t confusing to all, they should have been more clear and been established more concretely to avoid unnecessary confusion and questions. Not only that, but players could give opinions on rules they believe should be added.

Additionally, there should have been more time between the announcement of the game and the game starting. 

This could have allowed those running the game to have more time to plan as well as give more time for people to sign up. Reasoning is, not everyone is going to hear about the game right away, especially if they aren’t always active on Instagram.

If the leaders weren’t anonymous then it could be more fair because any bias they may have could be prevented. 

Additionally, if the game has a clear leader everyone trusts and respects, then everyone would listen and follow the rules.

Despite some issues players like themselves have noted, both Hanby and Shea are really grateful they have a game to play since the past few senior classes didn’t get to play.Other games are possibilities too though. 

Other than Senior Assassin why not have other games for the senior class? 

Hanby mentioned a game of Mafia while Shea said Manhunt, or an ongoing game of capture the flag. 

Both Manalilis said they’d rather have a senior prank, since the class doesn’t have one. 

Having other games than senior assassin would be a great idea mainly for the people who either didn’t get a chance to enter to play or would rather play another game.

Overall, it’s great to see the majority of seniors engage in an activity together as a class. 

Despite it not being run in the best way possible with strange rules, late notice announcements, and otherwise, the class does seem to be having fun with the game, with all the crazy moments.