Saying goodbye to Swanson and Dillard


Diana Dillard hiking in Zion National Park during spring break Photo Courtesy of Diana Dillard

by Gerardo Argueta, staff

Diana Dillard, culinary arts teacher, and Elaine Swanson, assistant principal, have dedicated over a decade of their lives to Shore- wood High School, and now they are retiring. What do they appreciate about Shorewood and what do they plan to do in the coming years? Let’s find out!

What is your fondest memory?

Diana Dillard: So many favorite memories [it’s] hard to choose, but the ones that brought the entire school together…all inclusive are my favorites.  Below are a few of them. 

The SW lip dub video that Mr. Ballew and his students created over 12 years ago.  The recognition the YouTube Video received was impressive and incredibly uplifting and positive for the entire school.  

Watching the SW Varsity Baseball Team playoffs in Husky Stadium on a beautiful, sunny Saturday afternoon. 

When I was awarded the Seahawks Symetra Heroes in the Classroom Award and received VIP Tickets to a Seahawk game that included hanging out on the field during warm ups, tour of the locker room and recognition with my picture on the jumbotron during the game!

Elaine Swanson: I think just being able to watch students, from when they came in as freshmen to when they left as seniors. Just the big changes and the things they’re going to go out there and do. That was always the most satisfying.

Elaine Swanson in the old Shorewood College and Career Center. Photo Courtesy of Elaine Swanson

What will you miss most?

D: What I will miss most is the students of course. Their enthusiasm for cooking and listening to them laugh.

E: I think the energy of teenagers and really excellent teachers. The energy in the hallway and kind of hanging out with fun people. 

What are your plans for after retirement?

D: I will be doing as much hiking and traveling as I possibly can over the next few years.  

Upcoming trips include the month of September in Europe, hiking in England, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia with one week’s rest on the beach in Croatia. Thailand in January!

E: I’m going to go to Italy in September because all teachers want to travel in the fall, so that’s the first thing that I’m going to do. 

[I’m] just going to be traveling around. I’m going to fly to Florence… And then over to Cinque Terre… and then to Venice. And then after that, I don’t know! Just going to do whatever I feel like.