The after SAS mad dash

Students should be let out early to get food


by Faith Isakson

A look at the lines during nutrition break from the second floor balcony

by Faith Isakson, staff

It’s 10:14 a.m. and you’re standing by the door of your SAS class on the third floor. The dread seeps in as you prepare for the mad dash to the commons for donuts. Every day students on the third floor rushing to nutrition break are left in the dust. You either wait in the lines that stretch throughout the length of the cafeteria for food which results in you potentially being late to class and marked tardy, or you simply don’t get to eat anything from the cafeteria. If your next class is also on the third floor, you’re in even more trouble. It’s near impossible to get downstairs from the third floor, get food, and then be back on the third floor in time for your next class. Students should not have to prioritize being on time to class, over eating. It’s not enjoyable to be sitting in class hungry and unfocused. 

At the beginning of the year some teachers would let students out one minute early, which helped prevent this issue. Students from the third floor would get to the commons along with everyone else instead of being stuck in the clogged stairwells. But now that administration has been cracking down on letting students out early, students from the third floor are left in a stressful situation because most teachers don’t want to get in trouble. 

Students on the third floor should be let out one or two minutes early every day before nutrition break. This would cut down on crowding in the hallways and would help ensure that students get to eat and get to class on time.