The World Wide Word Game Craze

by Eliana Megargee, Assistant Art Director

If you’re on the internet at all, you’ve heard of Wordle. This word guessing game gained popularity at the beginning of this year, appealing to people due to it’s unique nature, with only one solution per day that the entire world is playing to solve. But all good trends must die, and you may find yourself getting bored with the word game. It’s been a few months, it’s been bought out by the NY Times, you’re sick of all those yellow and green squares- whatever the reason, maybe you’re looking for another game to keep you entertained. Well, the good news is, you can keep the enjoyable format of Wordle with lots of different games! The popularity of the original game has led to many parodies floating around on the internet. Here’s some of the top spin-offs of Wordle to check out:


Absurdle: This game presents itself as evil Wordle, and I’m inclined to agree. Starting out like the original word game, the twist to this format is that the game changes the word with each guess. As confusing as it is frustrating, this game is difficult to understand, but if you read the detailed explanation by the creator, you’ll find that it is possible to solve correctly. It’s just a bit of a challenge. The nice thing about working extra hard on this game is that it makes success all the more exciting.


Hello Wordl: This is basically a customizable Wordle. It’s the same idea as the original, but you can choose how many letters the word has- anywhere from four to 11- and you can adjust the difficulty of the game. Plus, you can play as many times as you want. No pesky one-word-per-day limit here!


Letterle: Objectively the most ridiculous parody on this list, Letterle asks you to guess a letter. Yes, any letter. You get infinite guesses- or, more accurately, 26. While it seems like a stupid idea, the ridiculousness of this game makes it endearing, and there’s something to be said about frantically pounding on the individual keys of your keyboard while attempting to guess correctly.


Lewdle: This one might get me in trouble for recommending it in a school paper. Lewdle is just… X-rated Wordle; anything goes here. Unlock the dirtiest part of your mind and try to find the vulgar word in six guesses. It’s definitely a funny parody, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Lordle of the Rings: Book nerds, rejoice! With the same format as Wordle, this game asks for a five-letter word that’s related to “The Lord of the Rings.” But watch out- along with character and place names, the word could be any word that’s used in the entire text of the trilogy. 


Nerdle: Are you sick of all these letter games? Are numbers more up your alley? Try this game that asks you to write a math equation. With rules similar to Wordle, the game will tell you how close your numbers are to the order and the numbers in the correct equation. This game requires a bit of tricky thinking, but you should definitely check it out if you want a fun challenge!


Queerdle: The tagline of this game says it all. This is the “yassification of wordle.” Queerdle uses a similar format as the original Wordle, but the words are all themed towards the LGBTQ+ community. A fun and chaotic game, this parody has become beloved by queer people everywhere. 


Seven Wordles: Wordle, challenge mode. This game presents you with the opportunity to solve seven Wordles in a row- while timed. This high-speed game will get your heart pounding and your brain working hard. It’s a nice challenge if you get bored with only one Wordle a day. 


Sweardle: This seems fairly self-explanatory. Wordle, but with curse words. You only get four guesses to guess the four letter word, so you need to be thinking extra crudely. I can’t necessarily recommend this parody in good conscience, but it’s definitely fun. 


Worldle: Is geography more of your jam? Check out this game that shows you the outline of a country and you have to guess what it is. If your guess is incorrect, the game informs you how far away it was from the correct answer. Using this information and the other clues of the game, you can use your six guesses to try and figure out the right country.