Even taller girl

6’1 and still complaining about her height, a review on Netflix’s new ‘Tall Girl 2’

by Ursula Stickelmaier, staff

Warning: This article does include spoilers for the Netflix movie  “Tall Girl 2”

Back in 2019, Netflix released the hit movie “Tall Girl,” and by hit movie I mean just another Netflix movie that was so bad people couldn’t help but watch it. The film was generally unwelcomed among the Netflix viewing community, receiving a 19 percent audience score of Rotten Tomatoes, and left most wondering how Netflix could greenlight this project in the first place.

The movie focused on a teenage girl named Jodie, played by Ava Michelle, and her struggles with finding love with the new student Stig, played by Luke Eisner, and popularity in a school where she was the tallest girl, hence the incredibly obvious “Tall Girl.” The movie ends with her falling in love with her best friend, played by Griffin Gluck, and finding a new sense of self worth. Overall it’s a pretty happy ending, but after watching it I was more concerned as to why I’d just wasted all that time watching someone complain about how difficult it is to be tall while only being around 6’1, not how soon I could watch a sequel.

In my opinion the movie didn’t even need a sequel. Yeah, she’s tall and wishes she was short like the rest of her family. We already covered that, what else is there? But to my surprise and probably to the surprise of many others who have watched the movie, “Tall Girl 2 “ was made and unfortunately released on Feb. 11 this year.

The movie starts with Jodie and her boyfriend Dunkleman living their best lives and Jodie really owning her newfound popularity and confidence. After signing up for the school musical, “Bye Bye Birdie,” she aces her audition and gets the lead. With love in the air and a new outlook on life, things really seem to be looking up for Jodie and her friends.

Sadly, it’s after this point where things start going downhill. She begins to feel insecure and starts to internalize this idea that she’s not good enough. This inner monologue causes her to mess up at rehearsals and derail her relationship with Dunkleman. The two take time apart and create some really awkward tension for those around them.

The movie ends with Jodie conquering her anxiety on the opening night of the musical and getting back together with Dunkleman.

It’s a good ending all things considered, but after finishing the movie a few things that stood out to me. Starting with the several characters they introduced that really end up not mattering.

There’s Stig’s sister Stella, played by Johanna Liauw, and Tommy, played by Jan Luis Castellanos both introduced to play the sort of love interests for Jodie and Dunkleman with both not mattering that much, if at all. All I’m saying is that if you have a movie and there are characters in it that can essentially disappear and you still have the same movie, then you don’t need those characters.

Another big issue for me was how awful Jodie’s character got throughout the film. Don’t get me wrong, I felt for her when she had a panic attack. But every other part just made her seem like such a jerk, starting with how she treated Dunkleman. Sure, he was far from perfect, but he made some good points as to why he had been mistreated in their relationship. It felt like he was always there for her and he just wished that she would return the favor.

And it only gets worse from there. Immediately after the two break up she kisses another guy, tells Dunkleman about it, and then gets confused when he walks off. I’m all up for honesty but there is such a thing as being too honest. And Jodie telling Dunkleman about her kiss with another guy right after their breakup definitely crosses that line.

Long story short, if you’re into incredibly cheesy movies with a couple of dance breaks and extremely awkward characters with weird names then this movie is for you. But if you’re like me and didn’t want to see Angela Kinsey, Angela from “The Office” and Jodie’s mom in “Tall girl”, say “The Tickety Tok” and then proceed to do a strange TikTok dance then I suggest you avoid watching this film and spend that time doing literally anything else.