Meet the Art Directors

Darby and Eliana discuss their roles on the newspaper staff

by Kate Grutz, Editor in Chief

The process of producing a newspaper is long and often highly stressful with many working parts that come into play, such as brainstorming, interviewing, writing, and laying out pages. While the reporting and writing aspect of newspaper is extremely important, the time and effort that goes into the visuals that accompany the writing are often forgotten about. 

Art and photography are important aspects of the newspaper, and a lot of work is done behind the scenes to ensure that the paper is visually appealing. The Art and Photo Director, Darby O’Neill, senior, feels that visuals are crucial to the paper. “Art and photo is just as much an important piece of newspaper as writing is. If an article has a really cool art piece…that will draw just as many people in as a good headline would,” they said.

Assistant Art and Photo Director, Eliana Megargee, junior, helps O’Neill assign art and photos while also making a lot of art as well. “Currently the role for both of us is that we do a lot of art,” Megargee said. Both O’Neill and Megargee joined the newspaper during their respective sophomore years.

Eliana Megargee (left) and Darby O’Neill (right), pose for a picture at the chess table in the Culinary Arts Garden (by Kathryn Pinto)

Under the guidance of the previous Art and Photo Director, O’Neill was immediately interested in the role. “I’ve always been super passionate about art and I’ve always had a draw towards leadership in general,” O’Neill said. Megargee felt similarly when she joined the newspaper staff during remote learning last spring. “Even though it was kind of weird online I could tell I liked it and that I would like doing it in person,” and, “I’ve always been interested in art,” she said.

Megargee aids O’Neill in whatever they need and takes mental notes on what she will need to do next year. “I will watch everything [O’Neill] is doing for next year when I take over,” she said. Part of this preparation is trying to get more artists and photographers on staff. “I’ve been working for next year to recruit people to join who I know do art and would like to do art for the paper,” said Megargee. 

O’Neill and Megargee have had to pick up some slack this past year because there are not enough artists and photographers. “In years past art and photography has been much more of a draw for newspaper, whereas this year we’re a little bleak about people that are super passionate about it which results in [Megargee] and I having to play a fair amount of catch-up and assign things for ourselves,” O’Neill said. 

While their jobs are difficult at times, there have been many fun moments on staff as well. In the final days before the paper gets sent off to publishing there is a whirlwind of things happening all at once. O’Neill refers to the final week before sending the newspaper to publishing as “Slay-out week” a play on words because of the layout that is done during that time. “Slay-out week is the highlight of my newspaper career,” they said.

“Last issue when we were laying the paper to bed it was a bit stressful and we needed a moment of clarity, so we began to play some relaxing hymns to cleanse the energy of the room,” said O’Neill. 

Both O’Neill and Megargee highly recommend that others take newspaper here at Shorewood. The class isn’t all about writing. “If you like to do art or like to take pictures you should consider taking newspaper as a class,” O’Neill said. Megargee feels that the environment of the class is also very welcoming. “There’s a certain bond achieved,” she said.

While O’Neill will not be Art and Photo Director next year, they feel confident in passing the torch down to Megargee. O’Neill is sure that the responsibilities are falling into the right hands, “I’m very excited to see what [Megargee] does with the position next year. I think that she is a strong worker, a bright thinker, she has the initiative to do what needs to be done.”


Interested in doing art or taking photos for the newspaper? Email our advisor, Ms. Gade, @ [email protected]