True Crime

Diving into what true crime channels high school students around the Seattle/Shoreline area are listening to.

by Scarlet Zyskowski, Staff Reporter

Rotten Mango: “Rotten Mango” is a spotify podcast narrated by the comical and charismatic host, Stephine Soo. Soo’s podcast is known for its deep dive in psychology and attention to detail to backstory for each specific case. “She is so sensitive to families and those affected by the cases,” Lily Zyskowski said. “It’s incredible how she can do that and also provide the best information.” The intense research and involvement that went into getting every single fact straight about the case is astounding, and a wonderful recommendation for anyone interested in the true crime genre.

Hailey Elizabeth: Hailey Elizabeth is an up and coming YouTuber who is fascinated by controversial people, cold cases, conspiracy theories, and interesting, in-depth crime stories. She was inspired from the newfound trend of telling stories, while also doing makeup to keep the listener or watcher entertained. “It just feels like you’re having a conversation with her while she’s doing her makeup,” Violet Martel said. “She picks out very interesting cases and puts a lot of research into them.” If you are a true crime listener and are interested in makeup, then Hailey Elizabeth is a wonderful channel to consider subscribing too. 

Unsolved Murders: A popular recommendation among true crime podcasts was “Unsolved Murders.” A podcast in which they focus on cold and, much implied, unsolved cases. “My family likes to listen to Unsolved murders because it’s extra thrilling when something isn’t fully solved,” Nina Ando said. “It’s fascinating to hear the theories from the narrators or the reasons why it took so long to solve the crime.” For listeners more interested in theorie based cases, this is a good choice for you!

JCS – Criminal Psychology: “JCS – Criminal Psychology” is a YouTube channel focused on forensic psychology and the behavioral science of serial killers. “I think the commentary mixed with the information in the video makes it super interesting and intriguing,” Lily Zyskowski said.“The editing and narrators also make psychology easy to understand, especially for beginners.” If you are interested in the brain science and chemistry of people in murder cases, this is a highly suggested channel!

Art by Eliana Megargee