Meet the Editors!

Jade Doerksen and Kate Grutz share newspaper journey


What are your favorite parts about newspaper?

J: I’m a very curious, maybe sometimes nosey, person so interviewing people is like second nature. I think journalism helps you understand why people tick and that’s always very interesting. The class tends to bring a lot of creative and curious people together, so I’ve become much closer with people I wouldn’t have had the chance to get to know before. Also, you’ve gotta love Ms. Gade. I’ve got a list of her best moments in my phone that she has yet to see or hear of. 

K: My favorite parts of newspaper are spilling tea with Jade and doing copious amounts of layout.

Favorite story you’ve written? 

J: My favorite story of mine was most certainly my Young Life story. It was a very important piece and I grew a lot as a person listening to perspectives I may not have listened to before and telling a story that can be emotionally difficult to articulate. 

K: My favorite story I’ve written was a feature on the hip hop team my first year on staff. It’s not the best article ever but it was the first time I was like ‘hey I think I really like doing this.’ 

Favorite layout page you’ve done? 

J: I’m not sure since I’m not as confident with layout, but some of the ones I did this issue are pretty good. Kate is a layout queen though, so all of hers are my favorites. I especially love when she lays out pages of my articles because I think she really makes them come to life. Particularly the Makai Torres article and the Young Life article.

K: My favorite layout page that I’ve done is definitely the Young Life spotlight layout. The cutout in the middle and the fonts I chose were really cool. 

Favorite art or photo you’ve done? 

J: I am a lot of things, but one of them is not an artist [laughs]. Surprisingly, I do have a small art piece this issue, so I guess my favorite is that one. Shoutout to the symmetry feature on Kate’s IPad. 

K: My favorite art that I’ve done is the art I did for this issue’s spotlight. It’s the T-Bird turning into the Stormray. 

Favorite foods?

J: I love spaghetti. There’s this Sophia Loren quote that says “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti” and for better or worse I relate to that.

K: My favorite food is taquitos. Shoutout El Sabor on Aurora. 

Any good newspaper stories or memories?

J: When we went to Journalism Day at UW we took the E-Line as a group and boy was it an adventure. I thought Ms. Gade was going to have to defend us with her life. 

K: My favorite memory from this class was when we did a white elephant gift exchange my sophomore year and everyone was battling for the Minecraft blanket I brought.

What other extracurriculars are you a part of?

J: I am in theatre, Lifesavers, Girl Scouts, a Dungeons and Dragons group (I don’t know why I just admitted to that), among some other things.

K: I’m a part of varsity soccer and NHS.

What are your plans for the future? 

J: I will be attending Wellesley College with an intended major in history this fall. Though I won’t be a journalism major, I definitely want to be a part of their newspaper.

K: Next year I’ll most likely be at ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications and I would like to continue doing newspaper at college.