Fashion with Fady

Photo courtesy Brian Betschart

Photo courtesy Brian Betschart

by Fady Calderon, staff

The Nike Dunk Low has been poppin off lately. Originally debuting in 1985, designed by Peter C. Moore, Nike made deals with a handful of colleges to give them their very own official basketball sneakers. Some include University of Michigan, University of Kentucky, University of Iowa, UNLV, Georgetown and Syracuse.


Now, Nike has been collaborating with brands such as Supreme, Fragment, Off-White, Parra, Comme des Garcons (CDG), Swarovski, and PlayStation. Not only brands but they also had a collaboration with renowned artist Travis Scott. Other than collaborating with artists and brands they also had collabed with Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Nike has had many other collaborations, but those are just a few they have done.


As much as Nike is having all these crazy dunks they’ve been releasing, there are extremely coveted ones that hit asking prices in the 6 figures. Even though some have not sold that high yet there are ones that sell in the 5 figures. In 2009 a pair of ‘yellow lobster’ dunks was rumored to be limited to only 36 pairs in the world. This pair was gifted to the people working on the collaboration between Nike and Concepts International (CNCPTS) since they released other dunks together before they were gifted the yellow lobsters. When these pairs were gifted, some of the workers of CNCPTS were selling them for $2500-$3000 in ‘09 but now, a brand new pair has sold recently for $62,000 this year. Do you think the resale price is too high? Would you pay this much for a pair of shoes? What’s the most you would pay for a pair of shoes?