Drip or Drown

Students discuss their fashion

by Kate Grutz, Editor in Chief

As the weather gets colder and the familiar feel of winter sets in, Shorewood’s most stylish treat everyday like a fashion show. From holiday-inspired outfits, to more simple clothing choices, there’s never a dull moment for these iconic students. Seniors Ellie Larson, Holly Sha and Eli Bloom, and sophomore Levi Underwood discuss the many facets of drip. 


Q: How would you define drip?


Ellie Larson: Drip is when someone looks really good and you look at them and you’re like WOW that’s drip.


Levi Underwood: If you really feel confident and you’re basing it off your own idealistic fashion sense then anything could be counted as drip.


Eli Bloom: [If] you’re rocking it then I don’t think there’s one concrete answer for what drip is.

Photo courtesy of Ellie Larson

Q: Where do you draw fashion inspiration from?


Holly Sha: I draw inspiration from vivisection wood and Japanese fashion.


Ellie: I love seeing other people dress how I want to dress and drawing inspiration from them.


Levi: The underground music scene that I follow is my biggest inspiration.


Eli: I take a lot of inspiration from what the Beatles wore, what Jimi Hendrix wore.

Photo courtesy of Eli Bloom


Q: What caused your style to evolve?


Eli: Realizing how ridiculous I looked. 


Ellie: Not seeing people everyday let me think about what do I want to wear for me? I used that alone time to explore my fashion style.

Holly: Freshman and sophomore year I wanted to look like a cute anime chick, now my style is more like a rebellious teen.


Photo courtesy of Holly Sha


Q: What is your process for putting together an outfit?


Ellie: I usually start with one piece I want to wear and then I think, ‘what do I have that would go good with that?’


Eli: There isn’t really a process. I never really plan it out or really think about it too much, I find what’s clean and if it looks good together then I just go with it.


Levi: I’ll find a shirt and jean combo and then I’ll find a pair of shoes that I like that go with it then I’ll see if I have any overcoats and hats and then I’ll add jewelry and accessories.

Photo courtesy of Levi Underwood


Q: How does it feel to be a fashion icon at Shorewood?


Ellie: I didn’t know I was, so it feels great!


Eli: Well I don’t really consider myself a fashion icon but I appreciate the kind words, it’s always nice to get complimented on your outfit.


Levi: It feels good, it’s cool to see that someone else is noticing and enjoying my clothes, I feel like it’s a part of me.


Holly: Feels good cause people look at me cause I look good. 


Q:What advice would you give to someone who’s trying to develop their fashion sense?


Ellie: Wear whatever you want.


Eli: Get things that fit well and you’re able to look clean and tidy. That’s what you should aim for.


Levi: Make sure it screams “you.”