Vaping isn’t swag.


by Sere

by Esme Harkess, staff

When you go to a Shorewood football game, you can smell the big waft of the artificial scent of banana, cherry, mint, birthday cake, or something along those lines coming out of the bathroom, in the student section, or around the stadium. 

That’s the smell of someone breathing in cancer and lung or heart disease, and breathing in second hand vapor, can give someone else vaping side effects. This chance increases when you go to school or other populated places, and if you haven’t experienced it yet you probably will soon, there’s no escaping people around you doing drugs.

This time instead of just having “devious licks’’ in your school, you are causing increased health issues for you and others around you. In “devious licks’’ you are stealing materials your peers need to stay hygienic, like toilets, sinks, and soaps. When you are vaping, you are causing serious health issues, not hygienic.  You might not know it but your health teachers, and preventive vaping ads are right: once you vape over time it becomes addictive due to the nicotine running through your system giving you that almighty head rush. And If you do it around people, even once, you are spreading your nasty germs and health issues. Vaping is not swag, y’all. 

The kids coming out of the big stalls in the bathroom during passing or lunch period, or those kids behind you in the student section vaping with their friends seem so annoying right? Well they should be, because they’re unknowingly giving you health issues. Do you want health issues now or later when you get older? Didn’t think so. 

Second hand vaping effects are serious too. People who are around others who vape get exposed to particles from the vape that are unhealthy such as vape aerosol. That and other ultrafine particles can increase cardiovascular disease. Other particles in vape products can also cause an increase risk of cancer. 

Doctors and scientists are still exploring what the health effects of vaping are, but the known health effects are extending. Vaping is bad for your heart and lungs, it’s addictive, and isn’t the best material to use to quit nicotine in the first place. Vapes are just overall bad, but they can also cause behavioral changes, brain damage, and more and more health issues. 

Even though you might think that vaping seems trendy and cool, trends always die.

If you ask almost anyone around you their opinion of vaping, they’ll say that it’s annoying, or “not it.” If you ask people with friends who do indeed vape, smoke, or do drugs, most of the time they’ll say that their friends have turned into zombies which then makes the friends of the vapers, druggies, or smokers, not want to follow in the footsteps of their friends.  

Vaping is a drug that you can get seriously addicted to, and it can cause many health issues. Once you get one puff, and release it, you’re releasing toxic materials to everyone around you who are breathing it all in. Whether or not you’re at a football game, in the bathroom, at school, or somewhere else, others are taken into consideration. Don’t vape anyways, but don’t vape around others.