Holiday gift ideas

by Eliana Megargee, Cub Co-Editor

It’s that time of year again! Time for carols and cheer, for the first snow to fall and for colorful lights to be strung up in the trees, and time for… frantically attempting to scrounge up gifts for your friends and family? Don’t lie, we’ve all been there. With the stress of the season, it can be hard to remember or find time to get all your loved ones a nice holiday gift. But don’t worry, it’s not too late! Look no further than your very own school newspaper for some great and easy gift ideas:

A homemade candle: Go to your local craft store and pick up some wax and wicks. Back home, find a small jar or other cute container to put your candle in. Follow the instructions on the wax, adding fragrance if you want, to make your candle. It’s a quick and simple homemade gift that people are sure to love!

Homemade soap: Go to your local craft store and buy a soap base, soap colors, and, if you want your soap in a certain shape, soap molds. Follow the instructions on the base to make your very own soap. It’s super easy, you can make a lot, and it’s something everyone can use!

Cute socks: Socks. We all use them, we all need them, so why not gift them? And no, I’m not talking about boring, monochromatic socks. We all know those are a lousy gift. I’m talking about fun socks! Fuzzy socks, socks with cute patterns, socks with funny messages, knee high socks- whatever you think your loved one will like, just pick up a pair at your favorite clothing store (some nearby stores that I love for sock shopping are Fuego in Lynnwood and C’est La Vie in Edmonds) or online!

Book(s) from a local bookstore: You’re almost guaranteed to find a gift for everybody on your list at a bookstore. Whether it’s a memoir, a YA novel, a steamy romance, or a comic book, there really is something for everybody. To save money on shipping and support local businesses, try shopping at places like Third Place Books, Phinney Books, or Edmonds Bookshop.

A cool mug & their favorite warm beverage: Mugs are an easy find and are sure to please, especially when given in a bundle with some coffee, hot cocoa, or tea. If you want the gift to be extra special, consider going to a paint-your-own pottery store such as Glazed & Amazed in Edmonds and designing the mug yourself!

Hopefully some things on this list caught your eye and will help to ease the stress around gift planning. And with that, I wish you good luck and happy holidays!