Class of 2024 wants more

Sophomore class name, Crewmates, under scrutiny

by Anya Farwell, staff

Minions, Peppa Pig, Mike Wazowski, Barry B. Benson. These are fun, creative characters from our childhood, and when I look at these names I see them express creativity and passion. But when the sophomores look at the embarrassing mockery that the class of 2024 name is, it makes us want to cry. So as the writer, I am left with the question as to why the graduated seniors decided to disgrace us with such an unacceptable name, and will we possibly ever get the chance to change it? 

Let’s be honest. The “Crewmates” is an awful name that never had any potential to be successful. It was chosen during the few fleeting months that the game “Among Us” was popular. Was it perhaps a good idea at the time to choose that name? Maybe. But it has dragged the sophomore spirit through the mud far too long and needs to be changed. 

Among Us was the go-to game last year during COVID, reaching all corners of social media and pop culture. With the red Crewmate being “sus,” and the imposter stabbing people in the back, everyone of all ages was hooked on the fast-paced survival game. But is it fair, now that the game is a walking meme, for the class of 2024 to be tied to the name? No, it is not. And fellow students from the class of 2024 think so too. 

Every sophomore I have spoken to thinks the name is “any definition of horrible” they can think of. And if it isn’t clear already, I most certainly agree with them. 

Due to the terrible situation my class has been forced to deal with, I have taken it upon myself to come up with a few names that show much enthusiasm and class spirit that the “Crewmates’’ never could. This list of names shows love and passion through cartoon characters that expanded our minds and imagination when we were young, that have no resemblance whatsoever to the misfortune we are labeled with now. 

These adoring characters include Dory, Winnie the Pooh, Bugs Bunny, Snoopy, and the infamous Kim Possible, because, with these smart sharp minds, anything is possible and possibly better than the Crewmates. So sophomores let’s put words into action and vote to change what has shackled down a class spirit for so long.  Start a petition, show awareness on social media, take all the actions possible so we can get a name acceptable for class spirit.