Seniors in the ‘70s vs. Seniors as the ’70s

by Darby O'Neill, Art Director

Just over a month ago, the spirit of homecoming spread through the halls of Shorewood High School. The theme for this year’s homecoming festivities was decades: a blast from the past. With freshman as the ’60s, sophomores as the ’80s, juniors as the ’50s, and seniors as the ’70s, the theme weaved its way into the skit, backdrop, and a dress-up day on Thursday. In light of the pleasantly nostalgic dress code, here’s just how well the class was able to do.

Molly Krulewitch and Darby O’Neill, seniors, dripping in denim. 

(Left to Right; Top Row, Bottom row) Sunny Park, Victoria Lofquist, Sontri Jorkang, Arianna Medina, Paul Oh, Ava Mirante, Siyam Tekle, and Mizpah Parilla, seniors, in some very groovy garb.

Mercy Haub, Anna Ertsgaard, and Ellie Larson, seniors, flashing some funky fits.

Lindsey Hiett, Siya Mehta, Morgan Manalili, and Fiona Taylor, seniors, posing for a nifty pic.

Meka Vincini, Tate Nelson, Valerie Deryan, Ronel Cooper, Ava Mirante, Trinity Webb, and Tenzin Lodoe, seniors, line up in proper disco fashion.

The entire senior class- a sea of purple, cheers and waves at their final homecoming assembly. 


Photos courtesy of Lindsey Hiett, Ava Mirante, David Lin, and the Horizon yearbook, circa 1972-1979.