60 things to do this fall

by Serena Deranleau, staff

High school can pull you in, and it can be really easy to get preoccupied by all the work. It’s important to remember to take a moment to step back and have a little fun this season. Here is a bucket list of 60 things to do so you can live your fall to the fullest:

  1. Go to the pumpkin patch
  2. Carve pumpkins
  3. Make pumpkin pie
  4. See this year’s Atlantic giant pumpkins
  5. Get a pumpkin spice latte (or make one!)
  6. Bake pumpkin bread
  7. Stay in and watch retro horror movies
  8. Go out to the theatres and watch a new horror movie
  9. Go to haunted houses (Nile Nightmares, Georgetown Morgue, Stalker Farms)
  10. Have a costume party with your friends
  11. Make some food that looks like monsters, eyeballs, spiders, or anything spooky
  12. Get your furry friends a costume
  13. Make caramel apples
  14. Go on a walk with a festive drink and see your breath fog up
  15. Get some new fall pieces for your wardrobe
  16. Drink warm apple cider
  17. Make cookies and decorate them 
  18. Make hot cocoa
  19. Jump in a pile of leaves 
  20. If you usually don’t cook on Thanksgiving, try something this year
  21. If you do usually cook on Thanksgiving, make something you haven’t before
  22. Try to eat as many types of pie as possible
  23. Stock up on fall scent candles
  24. Go on a fall hike
  25. Take a scenic drive to see the leaves changing color
  26. Go to a corn maze
  27. Make a fall wreath 
  28. Bob for apples
  29. Go to the farmers market
  30. Read scary stories in the dark
  31. Get new fuzzy socks
  32. Make a fall playlist
  33. Have a bonfire
  34. Make a thankful list
  35. Start a book
  36. Watch comfort movies
  37. Wrap up in blankets
  38. Pack up a picnic 
  39. Get rainboots and stomp in puddles
  40. Make s’mores
  41. Go ghost hunting
  42. Take fall photos 
  43. Do Friendsgiving
  44. Go to a petting zoo
  45. Watch a game of football
  46. Spend quality time with family
  47. Go apple picking
  48. Make a Halloween costume
  49. Support a locally owned business
  50. Eat candy corn
  51. Shop on Black Friday 
  52. Watch Charlie Brown
  53. Watch the Macy’s day parade 
  54. Take a nap
  55. Follow a Bob Ross painting video of a fall scene with your friends
  56. Make a fall garland
  57. Donate to a food bank
  58. Go on a hayride
  59. Have an outdoor fall party 
  60. Go to an amusement park