525,600 Minutes and Counting

Shorewood Drama finally returns with an in-person performance

by Anya Farwell, staff

Songs from Beauty and the Beast, Waitress, Newsies, and Mamma Mia are all but a few amazing pieces you will hear echoing through the Shorewood theater in the fabulous fall production, “All Together Now”. You will see a compilation of solos, duets, and chorus numbers full of students singing and dancing their hearts out to songs we all grew up listening to. And by the looks of it, it won’t disappoint. 


Last year before Covid, the theater was going to put on the all iconic “Legally Blonde,”.Due to the outbreak of Covid, the school and theater shut down, unable to debut it on stage. Abraham Taddei, a member of Shorewood Drama, expressed that the “radio shows didn’t feel the same” in comparison to live in-person shows, being that it was more “voice acting” than anything else. 


Amy Pottinger, the drama director, says “the idea is that we are back in our community,” and that this whimsical production is displaying “positive and good things that theater does.” After being online for nearly 19 months, everybody is very excited to be able to share the theatre love again while being live and on stage. 

Theatre students prepare a chorus piece (by Anya Farwell)

Although the Shorewood theater does have room for creativity with the pieces they put on stage, they get all their scripts for a company called MTI. This company gives a “set structure” of songs and prologues to perform without students having to worry about copyright issues. And from what it seems, it isn’t a total bummer, given that they still get to perform pieces that a younger generation loves and an adult generation can relate to in some ways. 


During this fall production, tickets are free, so Shorewood drama will be relying on donations only. Stretching to immense lengths trying to get the theater back to what it was before so they can perform more fantastic productions and expand the learning process as well in the Spring. 


The production which is going live and onstage through November 12th to the 16th will be inside in the magnificent Shorewood theater. There will only be 25 percent capacity due to Covid regulations, but all tickets are free, and Shorewood is excited to continue to give back to the community through music and dancing, hoping that people will find a happy future in drama.