2021 Halloween costume ideas!

2021 Halloween costume ideas!

by Ingrid Lid, Associate Editor

To be or not to be sexy that is the question.


Spoiler alert I choose the former! Are you looking for some funky fresh costumes that’ll still make you feel as confident as you should? Look no further!


The new movie on Black Widow came out recently and trust me when I say Scarlett Johansson. That’s it, that’s all I have to say. But you just can’t lie to me and say wearing a leather jacket or a replication of her actual suit doesn’t make you feel like you can break your own nose and still save the world while escaping from an exploding building. You just can’t!



Now if I don’t see a single 70’s or 80’s Glam rocker this halloween I am going to be madly disappointed. Just look at these outfits man! Sexy, sleek with that absolute spice! Now, who wouldn’t want to look like that?

Mother’s Finest

Did someone say Mamma Mia? Me. I did. Just like the glam rock thing this is another way to dress absolutley wild but still look gorgeous!

Couples I have three words and three words only. It’s Britney, b****! These classic Britney looks better be seen this Halloween. Or you could just go solo and still rock any Britney S. Pearce–sorry Britney Spears look!       


Y’all remember the Winx Fairies? My friends and I were going to do this one. Giving a little blast from the past, but make it hot. Anybody who is anybody could seriously rock this look!


Bring Back the Cheetah girls! This one’s more so just for fun but as the Y2K fad is still up and running, why don’t we dress up as our favorite Disney stars from back in the day? This means any and all quirky best friend side characters! I’m looking at you Harper from Wizards of Waverley Place!