Senior hall of fame winners are kept a secret, why’s that?

by Allen Chan, Reporter

Each year, the Senior Hall of Fame is held during the month of March, it consists of seniors who are voting their fellow classmates on what award best suits them. In the end, the winners of each title will be featured in the Senior Hall of Fame in the yearbook. 

In my opinion, the Senior Hall of Fame winners should be announced beforehand and not until the distribution of yearbooks. Once the results have come in, winners are emailed through their school email congratulating them on being featured in the Senior Hall of Fame. In the email it’ll tell the winner a time of when to arrive to take a photo for the award.

art by Jersey Patterson

It doesn’t make sense for the winners of the Senior Hall of Fame to be kept a secret until the end of the year. Since they start voting for the Senior Hall of Fame in March, wouldn’t it be more convenient to announce the winners in the same month? Instead of having to wait a few months just to finally hear the results of who is being featured in the Senior Hall of Fame. 

It just seems like a hassle to wait until a certain date when yearbooks are passed out and people start flipping through the pages to look back on the memories they’ve made, and then finally seeing the winners. So why force students to wait for the results?

I understand that the yearbook wants to reveal the winners of the Hall of Fame when they start handing out yearbooks, but why make seniors wait so long when the results of who won the titles has been rumored around through social media?

Keeping results, like the Hall of Fame, a secret for so long could make students impatient. Since there is so much hype surrounding the soon to be winners, it would be convenient to mention it sooner. With keeping the winners a secret for so long, the hype will die down and seniors might forget all about it. 

All I’m saying is that winners should be announced a lot sooner than later, instead of waiting until handouts of yearbooks just to see the winners of the Hall of Fame to be already known. I understand that they could possibly be building up some hype around it, but it seems unnecessary to prolong it till the day they handout the yearbooks.