Nara chooses Yale

Senior Nara Kim shares her process of admittance to Yale and her continuing passion for activism.

by Allen Chan, Reporter

Stress, nervousness and fear. Those were some of the emotions Nara Kim was feeling when applying to 14 colleges, including six Ivy League colleges. Among the eight Ivy League schools, Kim applied to six: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, and Brown. 

Shock was as all Kim felt when decisions came in from the six Ivy league schools. With expectations at a low, Kim was in awe when she read she was accepted into Yale and Dartmouth.

photo courtesy of Nara Kim

“I literally couldn’t believe it. Honestly I didn’t think twice about Yale after submitting my application and I tried to keep my expectations really low. I’m still in shock that I got in,” she said. 

Kim decided to accept admission into Yale. In Kim’s eyes, she chose Yale for not only its prestigious academics but also for its activism and unique residential system. 

“Yale is really activist-y and has a really cool residential college system and I thought it was perfect for my social and my academic needs,” said Kim.

Activism is something Kim has been taking part in for years. From participating in March for Our Lives to becoming a fellow for Kirsten Harris-Talley campaigns, Kim has done some amazing things throughout the years for the city of Seattle. 

“Last summer, I was a fellow on the Community for Kirsten Harris-Talley campaign. We got a lot of freedom to come up with new, creative ideas as well as the resources to execute them. It was great to connect with so many grassroots youth organizers and I learned so much about community-based organizing and the multitude of tactics that can be used to combat systemic issues,” said Kim, as she recalled one of her favorite campaigns. 

Being active in the community, Kim was able to meet new people with similar passions. It allowed her to build relationships with her new friends and be able to learn more about community organizing. 

“My activist friends have really helped me find new forms of organizing and learn what I can best put my energy towards. They’ve introduced me to so many new people and organizations and ways of thought and I’m very grateful to them,” said Kim.

Through the years, the connections Kim has made allowed herself to succeed in the many things she has done and become who she is today. 

Kim said, “I think I’m defined by a lot of things, one of the biggest being my passion for community organizing. I’ve learned and grown so much through organizing and it’s definitely played a big part in who I am today.”