Wrapping up spring sports

Reflecting on the triumphs of the season

by Nick Calandrillo, Reporter

As the spring season comes to a close, players and coaches have the opportunity to reflect on their performances and what they learned. While dealing with altered schedules due to the Coronavirus, many Shorewood teams managed to have great records during this spring season. Overall, the performances of spring sports teams go to show the potential that these teams have for next year and future years to come.

Girls Varsity Softball

This spring, the Girls Varsity softball team managed to record an impressive 10 wins and only 3 losses. These 10 wins are tied for the 2nd highest amount out of any team in the district this season, behind only Kamiak with 11 wins. During this season, the team won their first four games, and went on to beat Shorecrest twice. Overall, this promising performance should have players and fans alike excited for next year’s season.

Boys Varsity Soccer

During the abridged 2021 spring season, the Boys Varsity soccer team recorded a solid record of 6 wins, 2 losses, and 2 draws. Their 6 wins included 5 straight shut-outs, which gave them an explosive start to the season. Both losses that the team had were only by one goal, showing that Shorewood had the resilience to make each and every game competitive. This performance is a sign of good years to come for Shorewood soccer.

Boys Varsity Golf

This season, the Boys Varsity golf team managed to achieve first place in 3 separate tournaments with scores of 153, 152, and 135. Not only was Shorewood able to beat out four other teams in each of these tournaments, they did so by considerable margins. In the tournament where they scored 135, the second place Edmonds-Woodway was a whopping 29 points behind them. This score of 135 was achieved with the help of stellar performances from Shorewood players Ben Borgida and Issey Tanimura, among others. After winning an impressive three tournaments this year, it is likely that Shorewood will build off of this success in years to come as they hone their skills and gain experience.

Girls Varsity Tennis

In their 5 games played this season, Girls Varsity Tennis managed to win every single game and obtained an undefeated record. Led by team captains Brynn Morrison and Hannah Alexander, as well as coach Arnie Moreno, the team beat each of their opponents by wide margins. Highlights include 7-0 victories over Cascade and Lynwood, as well as a 6-1 victory against rival Shorecrest. With the dominance shown by the team this season, it is especially a shame that the season was heavily affected by restrictions due to COVID. However, with such a strong performance being shown this spring, it is likely that the Girls Varsity Tennis team will go on to come back even stronger next year.