Rumble in the 3400 wing jungle

Teachers Bagley and Kotwis bowl the COVID blues away.

by Grayson Lagasca, Reporter

A daily occurence in the southern end of Shorewood High School: a rumbling coming from the third floor. “Whatever could that be?” many students wonder. A herd of buffalo perhaps? An earthquake? Has a team of construction workers set up shop in the 400 wing? 

The source of this commotion is actually a bowling showdown between two of Shorewood’s own faculty. At the end of each passing period, science teachers John Kotwis and Andrew Bagley, in a manner reminiscent of an old western duel, step out into the hallway for a round of bowling. 

The game has attracted spectators from all professions, numerous students, teachers, and even assistant principals. With only one shot each, it was truly a high stakes engagement. After the dust settles, the score gets recorded on the door of Spanish teacher Jill Chelimer’s office. 

“There is no winner in hallway bowling,” stated competitor Mr. Bagley. “We play for the spirit of the competition and joy of sport.” Although they’ve set down their bowling balls and hung up their pins for the year, they have no plans on stopping the game in the future. 

Expansion into other arenas are also a possibility. “We are considering modifying it to a shuffle-board court or lawn-darts pitch in the fall of 2021,” Bagley said. Needless to say, many of us will be waiting patiently through the summer in anticipation of the next matchup between these two titans.