Five ways to support the community

by Ingrid Lid, Cub Co-Editor

Finding ways to get community service hours or just ways to help better our community can be quite difficult. So why not start here at Shorewood. 

Here are five ways to support the community through Shorewood.

  1. In Community Service Events under the College and Careers tab on the Shorewood website, Marianne Stephens, the College & Career Readiness Coordinator has a ton of suggestions for volunteer opportunities.  Such as tutoring and beach clean ups. Along with a bunch of other online events like adopting a grandparent from the UK, or just writing postcards to the elderly if that’s too much of a commitment.
  2. Check out Finley Stroh’s short article on fun things to do this summer. In it she mentions small businesses such as Ono Poke and some farmer’s markets to support.
  3. Interact Club always has great opportunities. Just recently a friend and I got together and made letters to Northwest Hospital and Foss Home and Village, it literally took only 15 minutes to make six small letters. To learn more about Interact Club, check out their Instagram @swinteractclub
  4. Specifically in our situation on zoom, when you feel comfortable and are able to build up some courage, unmute or turn on your screen whenever you can. I know we’ve all been stuck in those breakout rooms where it feels like you’re staring into the abyss. Switch it up and give others a connection!
  5. For those students attending in person, try to find ways to include those who are still online. As much as teachers try it can be hard to blend that divide between online and offline students. 

Some ideas…

  • Find ways to celebrate each other by everybody unmuting or sending chats cheering on someone for answering a question, correct or not. 
  • When there’s a birthday have people both on zoom and in person make signs decorate their background and sing happy birthday. 
  • No birthday? Create small spirit days for your class to celebrate together. Maybe everybody wears blue on a Friday and competes for who is the most creative with their outfit or background.