Politician potluck

Politicians should be held accountable for their faults and in this case, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene must be held accountable for her belief in conspiracies and harmful views.

by Molly Krulewitch, Business Manager

Nowadays, life often feels like a science fiction novel, and U.S. Representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is the author. She has contributed to many conspiracy theories including the Jewish space-laser theory (which said that Jewish-owned satellites shot lasers at California which caused the major fires of 2020), as well as that school shootings, such as the Parkland shooting, never actually occurred. She believes in Q-Anon and is currently pushing the idea that trans women are actually men. She is the perfect example of ‘if you make a mistake, make it big.’

Art by Darby O’Neill

Currently, Greene’s main focus lies on gun control, the Supreme Court decision of whether to make concealed carry legal in all states, and her new legislation called the Second Amendment Preservation Act. She is, of course, on the side of the gun owners. 

On average, based on data collected by Brady United, an organization committed to preventing gun violence, over 300 people per day are shot, and over a third of those shootings are fatal. Every single day 64 people use guns to take their own lives. Successfully.

Greene’s argument for gun rights is rooted in the Second Amendment, which states that we have a right to a well regulated militia which is necessary for the security of a free state.  It also secures the right of the people to bear arms and states that it shall not be infringed.

By defending this written law, and not acknowledging the ‘well regulated’ portion of the amendment, she is invalidating thousands of school-children (as well as teachers and staff) every year who go to school scared that they might not come home that day. 

She has proven over the years that she has no problem invalidating school shooting survivors, even passively agreeing with a fellow conspirator over Facebook that the Parkland and Sandy Hook shootings were hoaxes. Fake shootings. I’m not sure who she thinks she’s fooling. 

Not only is this upsetting, but it’s dangerous. She is spreading unnecessary hatred to a group of people that desperately need our support. A group that any child going to school could become a part of someday. 

While Greene’s opinions on guns have not budged, unsurprisingly, she corrected her views on the school shootings begrudgingly saying that no, she did not think they were fake after a lot of pressure from the public. This does not bode well considering that she had been assigned to the Education and Labor Committee for which she eventually was barred from joining as a result of her statements about the shooting. 

The ‘about’ page on the Education and Labor Committee states that its job is to “ensure that Americans needs are met, and that students and workers can move forward,” basically stating that they are there to aid them in their success. 

Her opinions were a complete paradox to her work. Someone who advocates for unrestricted access to guns, who is completely aware of the irreversible damage guns do every year not only to students, should absolutely not be on a committee devoted to the health, safety, and success of students.