Why 2K?: the rise of early 2000s fashion

by Kate Grutz, Editor in Chief

Early 2000’s fashion was hallmarked by spaghetti straps, low rise skinny jeans, and experimental layering. For years, the tight clothing of the early 2000’s was shunned and had gone completely out of style. But in the last year the early 2000’s clothing trend has been coming back full force.

Teenagers have started wearing low-rise jeans again and converse have come back into mainstream style. Y2K fashion has also come back into style with the early 2000’s trend. Junior Sidney Daza is excited about the new wave of early 2000’s and Y2K clothing. “I love Y2K fashion, it is still one of my favorite styles now so I’m happy to see it coming back,” said Daza. 

Daza is always up to date on fashion trends and likes to be out of the box when it comes to her style. She takes a lot of inspiration from the past, she said, “My favorite thing to do is looking through old fashion catalogues, photos from different years/decades.”

Early 2000’s and Y2K fashion has also been adapted and incorporated into more current looks. Senior Joey Wu is also excited about the resurgence of early 2000’s clothing. “I think two-thousand’s fashion is lit and I think it’s cool that older pieces are being recognized and worn to fit modern trends and styles,” she commented.

With the increase in the use of social media and its popularity, fashion trends spread like wildfire across the internet. “Being on Pinterest has also helped a lot to expose me to new and different styles,” Daza said. The internet plays a huge role in trends and fashion and many teenagers like Daza and Wu use social media to keep up to date on the newest looks.

While trends can be fun and cool to follow, Wu says that she’ll continue to wear “whatever makes me feel beautiful and happiest.” She enjoys the revival of early 2000’s clothes but always wants to stay true to herself. “My style has improved. I used to wear what I thought would impress others,” Wu says. Following trends or not, it’s most important to wear what makes you feel like you.