Sneakers: what’s hot and what’s not

by Nick Calandrillo, Reporter

What’s Hot:

Yeezy Foam Runners

Yeezy Foam Runners

On March 26, 2021, two new colors of the Yeezy Foam Runner were released. This funky looking shoe is merely a single piece of foam, and can’t be tightened or loosed with something like laces because it has none. With summertime and warm weather approaching, this shoe is a hot commodity considering its breathable design. In fact, the demand for this shoe is so high that resale prices are already hundreds of dollars higher than its retail price of $80.


Adidas Forum Low Bad Bunny (by

Adidas Forum Low Bad Bunny

Earlier this month, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny collaborated with Adidas to produce his first sneaker with the brand. The shoes pay tribute to Bad Bunny’s fondness for coffee, which is what the shoes are named for and are meant to resemble. This new release sold out instantly, which is a promising sign for future collaborations between this artist and Adidas. In addition to creating apparel, Bad Bunny and Adidas are planning on distributing shoes to low-income communities.

What’s Not:

New Jordan 1 Releases

Jordan 1 shoes (by

Jordan 1s have always been an iconic shoe, ever since they were first worn by Michael Jordan in 1984. In recent years, Jordan 1s have been in high demand, and generally sell out instantly. With that being said, recently Nike has released more and more Jordan 1s than ever before. These new releases are good for Nike in the short term with the quick cash they bring in, but in the long term could cause people to lose interest in the shoe due to the flood of new releases.