Missing Commitment Day but looking toward the future

Jackson Galiardi will play for Portland CC next year.

Jackson Galiardi will play for Portland CC next year.

by Carson Bergquist, staff

For many senior athletes, Commitment Day is a special event that many look forward to. It is a time for them to reveal the college that they will be attending to play their respective sport, but also to further their education. Jackson Galiardi, Bryce Lindberg, and Kenji Miller were especially disappointed in not being able to have the experience of an announcement on commitment day in front of their friends and family.

Galiardi said that having no commitment day was very disappointing.

“Although I am more than grateful to be a college athlete and continue to do what I love most, it has no doubt been a day I was looking forward to for a very long time,” Galiardi said. He  will be playing basketball at Portland Community College. 

Lindberg, who will play baseball for Bellevue College, agrees that missing Commitment Day is disappointing, but he is focusing on the positives including what he plans to bring to his new team next year. “I feel like it

Bryce Lindberg will play for Bellevue College.
Senior Kenji Miller looks forward to playing baseball for Everett CC next year.

would have been a cool experience signing together with all other Shorewood athletes and a day to remember,” Lindberg said. 

But looking forward, Lindberg thinks that what separates him from other baseball players is his work ethic. “Just practicing when I didn’t feel like it and when opportunities were harder and practicing wasn’t as convenient,” he said. 

Miller, he said that it is sad because of all the hard work that was put in. “It’s really sad. It’s a big day for all committed athletes. We all worked hard to get where we are. It’s a real bummer that we don’t get to show how our hard work paid off,” he said. Miller will be playing college baseball for Everett Community College.