Committed athletes find ways to stay in shape

sometimes it just takes getting a little creative


Elle Fredrickson will play water polo next year at Santa Clara

by AJ Flock, staff

Stevin Lin will run track and cross-country for Santa Clara
Bryce Lindberg will play baseball next year at Bellevue College

Covid 19 has shut down many aspects of our lives. For committed athletes this time has been tough on them as gyms, fields and pools have all been closed. For many Shorewood athletes this was a time of year to either play their sport or train for their first college season coming up next year.  Unfortunately, they are unable to do that in an organized way. Shorewood’s committed athletes have persisted, finding ways to stay in shape.

Steven Lin will be running cross country and track for Santa Clara University. “I was initially saddened by the fact that there was not going to be a whole track season and tennis state. However, I then realized that the break was a perfect opportunity to stay in shape, build cardio and muscle,” he said. Lin’s workouts have consisted of vigorous running at short distance and long runs at an aerobic pace around his neighborhood. Lin has retained a rigorous schuele of running and stretching almost everyday. It has not only helped him stay in shape but also relieve some stress during this chaotic time. “Every time I am out and running the stresses of life instantly are washed away and replaced by the exhilarating feeling of the wind rushing through my ears and legs pumping,” Lin said

Another athlete who will be attending Santa Clara University is Elle Fredrickson. She will be playing water polo there next year. Unfortunately for Fredrickson covid stopped her from playing in her senior season. It has not stopped her, though, from training even though the pools are shut down. “I have been going on walks and runs to Richmond Beach, doing some workouts and weights at home, and swimming laps in my friends that pool they are allowing me to use just to train,” she said. Through this difficult time Fredrickson has used her resources to stay in shape and improve her game.

Bryce Lindberg is one more Shorewood athlete who has taken advantage of the time he has on his hand. Bryce will be playing baseball at Bellevue College next year. “Quarantine has been tough because I used to lift five to six times a week before the gyms were shut down,” he said.  Although Lindberg has been unable to lift he has been running three miles most days of the week and found other ways to practice his game even though the fields are closed. “I set up a net in an empty parking space in a parking garage which I hit and throw into,” he said. Lindberg hopes this focused training will help raise his velocity on his throws and have a consistent swing.

Our Shorewood athletes have found a silver lining and have been taking advantage of this time they were given and we wish them the best in their future athletic careers.