Student reflects on learning from home

‘We gotta stay in touch and try not to go insane with assignments and more pandemic news.’

by Ein McCue, staff

Online School. Confusing for most. Teachers seem to be assigning work, but I’m not just talking about the classes and turning things in. I want to bring up the emotions that we project into this academic change. How are we meant to feel about this? Should we be happy about this new learning format or should we reject it? Honestly, that’s all up to you.


Personally, I’m confused. I bet a lot of people are. Turning in assignments, doing assignments, that’s not the confusing part for me.


The confusing part is emotions – isn’t it always? I feel relieved that I don’t have to stress so much about being around people in the hallways or having to raise my hand for a question to be answered while everyone hears.


But at the same time, it takes longer for teachers to get to your questions. Not only that, but I expected that teachers would just assign everything on Monday and then you do it and everything is good for the week. That’s not the case. Something seems to be assigned every day, kinda shattering this illusion, this hope I had. I suppose it’s not all bad, but it can stress me out.


Sophomore Brianna Edlund has had a bit of a difficult time getting used to online schooling, especially with getting work help. “It’s difficult, but once you get a handle on it it becomes a little easier, though for students that have a harder time learning we need more resources to get help.” he said.


He explains that the help and resources he got weren’t from the school but from his mom’s friend. “My mom had a friend who happened to help students who struggle with their classes and had access to tutors. The school never gave me these.” But he did have to say that most teachers are doing pretty good at “giving out simple assignments or good instructions.” Despite his struggling to grasp this online school, it helps that some teachers are giving out simple and understandable assignments.


This work can be a good distraction to everything going on outside our doors. Another opinion on this topic was shared by someone who wishes to remain anonymous. They didn’t express needing extra resource help, except “sometimes having to email my teachers to get specific help.” This student also said it just depends when it comes to whether or not online school is harder or easier. “Well, it depends on the teacher. Some teachers assign work as normal while others assign less. So it’s not really about being easy or hard, it’s about time.” They go on to say that, “Some teachers are doing a very good job of working with the students. While others aren’t communicating back and forth.” They state that they usually get an email back to them “within a two day period” and that it “sometimes helps, depending on the quality of the responses.”

Both Anonymous and Edlund expressed that they preferred physical school to online school. Anonymous said they missed “seeing my friends.” Edlund expressed that while he does like physical better, “online is better for people who are good at learning on their own and have a busy schedule, like students that are working.”


I bet we all already miss passing friends in the halls and sitting around at lunch, miss making your friends laugh at a quietly muttered joke, or maybe a loudly claimed interruption in class. Maybe even the teachers miss kids throwing paper at each other across the room and making them laugh with dumb outbursts. But we all got to be tough through it as we face this pandemic. Most may prefer physical to online school, choosing isn’t an option. One day this will end and we can go back to what we prefer, but for now. We gotta stay in touch and try not to go insane with assignments and more pandemic news.