Boys soccer welcomes new coach

This interview from before the school closure offers a preview of what next year may hold with the new boys soccer coach

by AJ Flock, staff

With a new season of boys soccer upon us, some big changes are happening to the team this upcoming season. Seattle Times Coach of the Year Shaun Warner has taken over the head coaching job. Warner is from Kirkland, Washington and has been involved in the game of soccer his whole life. After playing soccer at Lake Washington High School, Warner began his coaching career in 2006 as the head coach of the Lynwood High School boys team where he coached for six years and took them to state once. Currently Warner is a coach for the club team Sound FC and the head coach of the Shoreline CC girls team. We talked with both Warner and some of the players, senior goalie Karsten Nye and sophomore midfielder Luca Fenlason about this upcoming season.

How are you feeling about having a new coach? 

Karsten Nye: I feel great because I currently have Shaun as my club soccer coach and so I really know him pretty well, and I think he is going to be perfect for the job.

Luca Fenlason: Pretty good. He seems really cool, positive and energetic.  

What are you hoping a new coach will bring to Shorewood soccer?

Nye: To bring a better community around Shorewood Soccer.

Fenlason: I’m hoping he will bring a positive environment where we grow but still have fun playing. 

How do you think a new coach will affect the dynamic of the team?

Nye: I think it will be a good change in the culture of the team. Like when it comes to the JV team, Shaun likes the JV to be just as important as the varsity and our practices will be the same which will build a really good team environment. 

Fenlason: It’s definitely going to be a switch, but there are also a lot of new players. I think it’s just going to be like a building year and getting used to the new coach and also the new players and building the team chemistry. 

What made you want to become a coach?

Shaun Warner: Soccer has given me so much I want to give back. I have had some great coaches and some that I did not enjoy. I want to be the guy that can make the game fun and still teach life lessons through soccer.

Why do you want to coach at Shorewood?

Warner: Because it has my initials – just kidding. Some of the players here asked me to coach. Also because of my connection at Shoreline CC as the girls head coach. I missed coaching high school  ages boys and the diversity in this community is great. 

What do you want out of your players? 

Warner: Really it’s effort and buying into the fact that hard-work can be fun. Also the importance of goal setting. 

What are your goals for this season?

Fenlason: I definitely want to get in a good relationship with the coach especially because I’m going to be with him the next few years.

Nye: My goal is obviously to do well in the playoffs but to also bring the culture that Shaun has brought to my club team to Shorewood. 

Warner: My goal is to create a culture that we can be proud of. To be family, to always compete and be disciplined in our everyday life.