Cast and crew prep for ‘Legally Blonde’

Teamwork makes the dream work


by Junior Dimond

Above and below: Students rehearse after school for the spring musical, “Legally Blonde.” The spring musical was weeks away from opening before school was closed for the remainder of the school year.

by Lizzy Kanzler, staff

by Junior Dimond

Despite not making it to opening night due to the school closure, the cast and crew had worked hard and were ready to entertain. The Kolus is publishing this story written before the closure to acknowledge the efforts of these students involved in what we’re sure would have been a fantastic show. 

Every little detail of the spring musical functions because of the people behind the scenes as well as the actors. And when it comes to producing a musical, the more the merrier.   

Whether it’s music, tech, props, or acting; none of it is easy work nor should it be overlooked.

A musical can’t be a musical if there’s no music. This is where the pit comes in. “In the pit we play the music which we get from broadway,” said Sofie Nyssen, sophomore, who plays cello and is a first time musician in the pit. They have to rehearse and perform a lot of music. “We have a fat binder of music,” Nyssen emphasized.

Musicians in the pit work just as hard as the actors and anyone else on the crew. They have to practice just as much as anyone. “It’s challenging to find the time to practice all the music in the entire show. Practices take up a lot of time after school and at home for practicing,” Nyssen said.

All the participants of the musical wouldn’t be able to do their job without lights and sound. That’s where Ally Carter, freshman, and other tech crew members come in.

Carter originally came into drama looking to be an actor until the fall play when she tried tech. “I originally auditioned to be an actor in the fall play and I didn’t get in so I was like ‘I might as well do tech because I still want to be a part of drama.’ So I signed up for tech and ended up liking it more,” Carter said. She loves the environment of drama and wanted to make sure she remained a part of it. Carter explained, “Drama is a really nice atmosphere.”

Carter has taken on the challenge of trying something she hasn’t yet: sound.

“I used to move large set pieces on and off stage. For the musical, I’m on sound. I think that’s going to be a really different experience as far as seeing it from another perspective and learning new skills,” Carter said. The skills that she is learning, she says, will also help her in other aspects of life. “A lot of the skills you learn on tech are useful in the real world,” Carter said.

Although the tech members may be behind the scenes, there are some students that audience members will see on the stage.

“Legally Blonde” requires a cast of all grade levels with diverse personalities. One of these actors is Jack Finch, freshman.

Finch has been a part of drama since sixth grade. He is currently a part of the ensemble and plays the character of Aaron Schultz who is a rick frat boy. Getting to take on this character has been a lot of fun for Finch.

“I like taking on another part. In acting you don’t really have to worry about anything except for the person that you’re going for. As a character you don’t really have anything in the back of your head when you’re starting,” Finch said.

With the fun also comes the challenge. Despite the hardships, actors like Finch believe it’s worth it.

“Acting is harder than it seems,” Finch said. “It’s a lot of work to do the play, but it definitely pays off in the end. The show is so fun.”

Dylan McRea, freshman and one of the assistant stage managers, works closely with actors like Finch to help them do a better job. “[I help] run lines, manage props, a bunch of assorted things,” McRea said.

Whether it’s a musician, crew member, or actor, all have worked hard to get the musical ready for the school and community to see. They would greatly appreciate it if the student body would come and watch.

Nyssen said: “Make sure to see the musical actors and musicians who have worked hard for this.”