Drip or Drown 2: Female Drip

In this follow up to the Drip Or Drown article in the previous Kolus issue, we invite you to join a discussion regarding the drip of the female population at Shorewood High School.


by Ava Mirante

The ladies of drip.

Sophomores Sidney Daza, Lillian Nimmer, and Sophie Apple; Juniors Mina Di Virgilio and Joey Wu; Seniors Sabrina Musye and Olivia Hammond discuss the many facets of drip.
Q: What does drip mean to you?
Mina: I usually don’t think about it because the drip comes effortlessly to me. But, it’s like I look like Zendaya now. You’re like this goes with this piece. It’s all coming together. It fits in all the right places. Booty poppin. Jewelry with certain colors and then you’re like oh damn shawty1 built like an hourglass2.
*proceeds to trace an hourglass figure with her hands*
Sabrina: To me it’s just whatever makes me feel comfortable, whatever I feel good in and makes me confident.
Sidney: I define drip by having cool style like what’s trending and what’s in.

Q: What kinds of things do you think about when you are planning your outfits?
Sidney: I usually think about colors. Also weather plays a big role. Like for winter, I wear a lot of turtlenecks.
Livie: I definitely think about the mood I am in, and how much time I have.
Sabrina: Sometimes I dress like a guy. I look at ASAP Rocky and see what he wears. I also look at different models and what they wear and I combine them a lot.

Q: When do you normally make your outfits?
Sophie: I don’t do it in the morning, I do it the night before
Mina: If you do it in the morning you gonna be like Joe Yared3 wearing the same thing everyday
Sabrina: I do it the morning of.
Curt: This is new. You are the first person that said they do their outfit the morning of.
Sabrina: Who plans out their fits? That is forcing the drip. It’s supposed to come naturally

Q: What are your thoughts on the White Air Force epidemic?
Mina: Everyone is wearing them and it’s no longer lit4 anymore. They are basic. I think you could get away with wearing them, but if you’re just wearing like forces and Brandy Melville because then it’s like… kid.
Sidney: I think White Air Forces are like a staple. Black air forces, kind of questionable, but I guess they are OK.

Q: You mentioned Brandy Melville. Let’s talk about that.
Sidney: I feel like it’s really basic. It’s hard to stick out with your fashion if you wear Brandy Melville. I personally think thrifting is better because you will find more unique pieces and it’s cheaper. Brandy is also not inclusive for everyone.
Joey Wu: I wear it, but it’s hella expensive. It’s fit for extra extra small females…
Mina: I’m really about to go off. First of all, Brandy Melville is cute. We all know. We all been knew6. But it’s problematic. And that’s cuz it’s literally one size. It’s not a petite store, they don’t market themselves as that. But I’m skinny as hell and I can’t fit into half their stuff. Like what? I should be the target market. AND it’s super expensive.
Sabrina: Their sizings are stupid… I think they are not body inclusive. They are not for teenage girls if they are not going to respect all of the different sizes.
Sophie: And you walk into the school and everybody is wearing that same exact thing.
Mina: Yeah, and that is why I am proud to announce I am a year sober from Brandy Melville.
*Kolus classroom erupts in applause*
Mina: All I’m saying is, if Joe Yared was a girl, he would probably wear Brandy Melville.

Q: What are your thoughts on thrifting?
Sophie: That’s like most of my wardrobe. You get stuff for cheap. I babysit and [I get like] 30 bucks. I spend all of it thrifting and I get like 10 pieces [of clothing].
Mina: Thrifting is essential. If you are gonna have drip, you are gonna go broke immediately if you don’t hit up Goodwill. Like if you want to live this lifestyle, you are gonna have to get creative.

Q: How does one go about thrifting? What’s like a thrifting 101.
Sidney: Well, I have an idea of what I am looking for. I check literally all sections. I go into the babies section and the boys section because sometimes you find some cool stuff.
Curt: Wait, you check the baby section?
Sidney: Yeah, I check the baby section.

Q: Do you have any favorite thrift stores?
Mina: Buffalo Exchange.
Sophie: Yeah, that’s one of my favorites, Buffalo exchange. I also go to Goodwill in Edmonds. That’s where I’ve gone since 6th grade

Q: How many years you been drippin:
Sabrina: I think since last year, not gonna lie. Not gonna say I was born with this. I wore basketball shorts everyday since middle school.
Sidney: Since the womb. That’s all I have to say.
Sophie: I mean, I’ve been dressing myself since I was 2.
Curt: So would you say you’ve been dripped out since the womb?
Sophie: I mean… I didn’t say it… but… *shrugs and nods head*

Q: Are you familiar with the concept of a declaration of drip?
Mina: I don’t know… I feel like the whole point is you see someone from afar and you’re like oh, damn, they are fitted… Wearing good clothes is like you’re in a museum. Like I’m not gonna sit here and say everything that is on me, you can see. You can see that it is like this.

Q: Can you declare your drip?

Lillian: First, I got my 700$ MCL knee brace. And then I got my Nike cargo sweatpants which I got at Goodwill. Then, I got my Birkenstocks and fuzzy socks because, you know, it’s a comfy outfit today. Under this, I am wearing a shirt from Brandy. It’s just a basic white shirt y’know. This, I got from the Shoreline shop. I like dressing like a Grandma, I like looking like a farmgirl sometimes, and sometimes I like looking like an egirl.

Q: Do you have anything else to add?
Sidney: Birkenstocks are disgusting.