What Kind of Ice Cream Are You?

Raven Abridello, Section Editor

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1.) What is your favorite genre of movie?

a.) Comedy
c.) Musicals
d.) Period Pieces

2.) How would your friends describe you?

a.) Sarcastic
b.) Tasteful
c.) Demonstrative
d.) Irksome

3.) Who is your celeb crush?

a.) James Franco
b.) R. Kelly
c.) Paula Deen
d.) Tony Orlando


4.) What’s your favorite starburst flavor?

a.) Pink
b.) Orange (Carrot)
c.) Black
d.) Green

5.) What is your dream job?

a.) Interior designer
b.) Professional stick-n-poke artist
c.) Broadway actor
d.) English Teacher

6.) Who’s your favorite hip hop artist?

a.) Drake
b.) Death Grips
c.) Cardi B
d.) The Hamilton Soundtrack?


Mostly A’s: frozen water- you’re as basic as they come, but that’s ok.
Mostly B’s: choco taco- you’re the edgy friend of your group, and they love you for it.
Mostly C’s: frozen bin of soy yogurt (nonfat)- you know who you are.
Mostly D’s: Skinny Cow Ice Cream Bar- you’re classic teacher ice cream; the cream of the crop.