Staff Editorial

Resolving the problems between teachers and students in the parking lot

Written anonymously by the editorial board

Parking has always been a controversial issue at Shorewood. The administration remains steadfast that there are enough parking spots at Shorewood for a large number of students to park their car. However, students argue that there is a disparity between the administration’s statement and reality.
At Shorewood there are several parking “zones”. Some are teacher­ only parking zones and most zones are shared between teachers and students. Students who park in teacher parking areas are often warned, and if they repeat the offense, their car may even be towed.
This situation stems from desperate students trying to find parking spots.
Teachers, on the other hand do not face a similar plight. They have access to all of the Shorewood parking spaces. There isn’t a punishment for teachers who park in areas where students mostly park.
If this situation is not solved there will be an endless cycle of conflict regarding parking spaces. Shorewood already faces it’s fair share of automobile problems such as traffic in the bus loop. Solving the issue of parking spaces would be a step in the right direction in improving these problems.
There are no easy solutions to making parking spaces accessible to students. The simplest solution would be to increase the number of parking spaces. However, Shorewood has to maintain a grass to pavement ratio, and more parking spaces would endanger the ratio.
We think that Shorewood should create strict parking zones for its teachers and students. Teachers should only be permitted to park in one area of the school, that is specifically marked a teacher parking zone. There should also be a sign that states the penalties for parking in the teachers’ parking lot. We believe that these changes can reduce the confusion, and increase the clarity for the students and teachers that use the Shorewood parking lot.