Summer Skincare

Tips to achieve a natural-looking glow

Kelly Holmstrom, Section Editor

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As summer is slowly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how you will make the most of it. Taking sufficient care of your skin during the summer is crucial, especially with so much exposure to the sun and its harmful rays. Getting that much-wanted summer glow is not always easy, but it is very much achievable through a few simple steps.

What you eat is a direct representation of how your skin looks”

First and most importantly, watch your water intake! Realistically, water provides an unreal number of benefits, both in terms of your skin and body as a whole. It not only satisfies thirst, but it also refreshes and provides hydration to your skin while also flushing out the toxins in your body. Drinking lots of water is an easy task you can do to keep cool and energized during the summertime, and it will be advantageous to your skin.

Another secret to achieving a summer glow is by using highlighter!”

What you eat is a direct representation of how your skin looks. Food has a major impact on the skin, especially salty foods and sweets that can often dehydrate it and make it look more dull and lifeless. Foods that have high water content such as cucumbers, watermelon, lettuce, oranges, and grapefruits, are all a wonderful source of nutrients and vitamins that will help nourish your skin and provide it with a natural glow.
Another secret to achieving a summer glow is by using highlighter! This is a popular makeup product used very commonly among teens today, and it has become a huge trend. Highlighter is used to emphasizes the highest points of your face and attract light, creating the illusion of a more natural looking glow to your skin.
Some of my personal favorites can be found by the brands Becca, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Laura Geller, and Hourglass. They are all unbelievably pigmented and make your face
sparkle and shine, whether that be in or out of the sun. Give it a try and you will see how much of a difference it can make to the appearance of your skin!

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