Another Year Without Tolo

Two years and counting...

Hunter Lowdon, Staff Reporter

School dances are one of the most common things that people remember after high school. Shorewood throughout the year usually holds four different dances: Homecoming, Winter bash, Tolo, and Prom. Students in the past have had great things to say about all the dances, but have you noticed that one of them was missing this year?

Tolo is a school dance where the girls are supposed to ask the guys. It is a good change of pace compared to the other dances and has been known to be a very fun dance. Sadly last year and this year Tolo has not made an appearance. Students have come up with ideas why, but not many know the truth of this matter.

There is a lot of effort that is put into dances, not only that, but school dances are also quite expensive. In the past, clubs have sponsored these events and put forth their time so that they can take place. This year the reason why Tolo is not taking place is due to the lack of clubs stepping forward and volunteering to make it happen. On top of that, when the idea did finally come up, it was already too late in the school year and there were no more available dates to have Tolo.

Britt Harris, the school’s activity coordinator, claimed “I would like to see other dances beyond date dances.” With this idea do you think that Tolo should come back next year, or should a brand new dance be introduced to the school? 

Should the school bring back Tolo or should we have a completely new dance?

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