Club Against Gun Violence

Shorewood's newest club works to promote gun control


Raven Abridello

Members of the new Gun Violence Club, left to right: Aaron McCrackin, Rowan Hurt, Lily Williamson

Ruth Tedla, Section Editor

Following the Parkland shooting, students nationally have felt the need to take an initiative against gun violence. Shorewood senior, Rowan Hurt, is no different.

Due to the recent focus on gun violence in schools, they created a new club called the Students Against Gun Violence.

“It’s about getting students involved in politics and getting them to turn their anger and frustration into solid things they can do and actions they can take,” said  Hurt.

Hurt had the urge to create this club as a reaction to the Parkland shooting. They believe it’s a space where students can advocate for change when it comes to gun violence.

The club plans on using strategies like letter writing campaigns and calling their representatives to impend change.

“Most of us (in the club) believe that there should be certain regulations on certain kind of firearms for one, without believing that the second amendment should be abolished,” says Hart.

Hart also clarifies that they are open for conversation, but with a focus on gun reform.

If you’re interested in joining the club, they meet on Thursdays during lunch in room 2205.