Chopsticks Review

Carolyn Fenske, Staff Reporter

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With a wide variety of options to dine out to, how do you choose? A new restaurant that just opened? A family favorite? If American is your style, I challenge you to step out of your safety bubble. After all there are a superfluous amount of local locations to taste cuisine from around the world. If you enjoy Chinese, head on down to Edmonds and try “Chopsticks” on the corner of 100th Ave W and Edmonds Way. Recently my family and I dined here and we had nothing but positive comments.


First Glance:

The outside appearance of the building is dated in hte way that you can tell it has been around for a long time compared to the more modern buildings around it, however when I entered the building the aroma hit me immediately. However the lighting was a bit low. Personally, I think it’s dark on purpose for ambiance.



The Edmonds area hosts a wide variety of different cuisines and a great place for this restaurant. The parking area is a bit cramped and does not leave enough space for more than about 15 cars. I have never been here when the parking lot is empty. If you arive and the parking lot is full, dont let that discourage you. Park in the parking lot of the Key Bank next door, they are super chill about it.



I arrived with my family around 5:30 pm. As many people go out to dine around 6 pm i knew i could get a better examination of how service is during a rush. Service was prompt and we were seated immediately despite the size of our party (5). Once seated we were offered hot tea and iced water. We decided to order off the family menu. This was a family style service that charged per person. We ordered for four people since the serving sizes tend to be quite large. We decided to order off the family style menu instead of the regular menu. We ordered the “Pearl Choice” meal which comtained 7 menu items. Since we ordered for four people we recieved an extra compementary item. This item is included for an order of four or more poeple for that specific family style menu. l All items came out promptly and hot. The waitresses would often refill the tea kettle and fill up our water glasses.



Finally, my favorite, the food. We choose the Pearl Choice family combo. This consisted of Wonton Soup for each person, Barbecued Pork, Egg Rolls, Chicken with Broccoli,Sweet & Sour Pork, Pork Fried Rice,Beef Chow Mein, Fortune Cookies & Tea, and for Service for 4 or more add: Almond Fried Chicken. This Amazing assortment of house favorites charges at $15.75 per person. Okay, Wow information overload. Here is a more critical critique of each item. Wonton Soup: Serving size appears to be small, contains 2 wontons, with green onions floating on the top. This soup has great flavor and I reccommend this soup to anyone.

Barbecued Pork: Basic barbecued pork. Came with hot mustard, ketchup, sweet & sour sauce and sesame seeds.

Egg Rolls: These are a treat for your tastebuds. With a crunchy exterior and a soft hot interior these are truely delicious.

Chicken with Brocoli: This entree item comes family style on a large platter, with juicy chicken and steamed broccolii with a savory sauce, you cant go wrong.

Sweet & Sour Pork: Deep fried battered pork cubes with sweet & sour sauce and pineapple chunks this entree is quite tasty. The sauce itsself is a bit omn the sweeter side ut not a bad choice.

Pork Fried Rice: A personal favoite of mine, this crafty side dish come in the same size platter as the other entrees with just as much food.

Beef Chow Mein: Another side dish plated with as much as an entree. This chow mein is a very basic chow mein and has perfectly cooked beef in it.


Overall Experience:

This restaurant is totally worth a visit and I would recommend this place to any group of people who love a good deal, amazing food, and great service. Plus a fortune cookie at the end!

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