Why People Love This New Game

Hunter Lowdon, Staff Reporter

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You may have been looking through other people’s snapchat stories and noticed that a couple of people have posted a picture that says #1 Victory Royale. Those words belong to what gamers all across the world are currently striving for. 

The video game Fortnite is suitable for all ages with its cartoony style and futuristic technology, it has recently swept the nation and taken over the first place title for most popular game. Fortnite is a battle royale style of game. A battle royale game is when multiple people compete to eliminate each other from the game and be the last one standing. In Fortnite you start out with 100 people on a bus that flies over an island. You skydive out of the bus and land anywhere on the island, you find guns and terminate other enemy players. While this is happening there is a circle that slowly gets smaller called “the storm” and it pushes you to a specific part of the map. The last person alive wins and is claimed the victor of the match.

      Twitch is a live streaming gaming platform. Many people stream through Twitch and make money off of their viewers for playing video games. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is a live streamer on Twitch and a content creator on Youtube. Ninja recently was interviewed on CNBC and revealed that he was making over $500,000 a month from playing Fortnite. Ninja has attracted a lot of attention to the game and many gamers strive to be like him. 

Around Shorewood there are many people that play Fortnite and a couple students were interviewed to share their thoughts on the game. The interviewed students were: Niko Christianson, Sean Santos, Will Anderton, Eds Cambronero, Symone Pease, Alexa Cominos, and Kody Carpenter. ble to freeze buildings and make them easier to destroy.



Q: What guns do you think should come to Fortnite? 

A:      -Anderton: Freeze Ray, it should be agun on a stand 

-Carpenter: Poisonous Blowgun, when hit with the weapon you slowly take damage over time due to the poison. 

-Santos: Sword

-Christianson: Manual turret, a mini


Q: Why do you think Fortnite is so popular? 

A:        -Pease: It is a copy of the video game PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds, so it started out with a lot of attention and grew.

-Santos: Easy to learn and everyone can play. There is a casual and competitive aspect. 

-Cambronero: It is free and fun to play. 


Q: What new dances or expressions should come to Fortnite? 

A:        -Christianson: Whip and nae nae 

-Santos: Finger wag 

-Anderton: A new “duo dance” that requires someone else to perform. 

-Cambronero: A dance that you can customize yourself.

-Pease: Shoot dance 

-Carpenter: Waltz with a teammate.


Q: What is your favorite place to drop? 

A:        -Christianson: Moisty Mire 

-Santos: Tomato Town, because it’s near the middle of the map and there is a lot of loot around. If you make it out alive    you have a better chance of winning due to good loot. 

-Anderton: Anarchy Acres, because it has really good loot. I also love the fences and crops in the area, because they give good resources.  

-Cambronero: Salty Springs, when I lose at Salty Springs I myself get salty.  

-Pease: The spiral mountain next to salty springs

-Cominos: Pleasant Park 

-Carpenter: Fatal Fields 


Q: Why do people post their wins on their Snapchat? 

A:        -Cominos: People want to brag about their accomplishments.

-Carpenter: It makes them feel like they accomplished something.

-Pease: Because they are extra!

-Anderton: To get others to want to play Fortnite with them. 


Q: Is Fortnite on PC better than console? 

A:        -Cambronero: Yes, there is no aim assist so it takes more skill. 

-Santos: PC gameplay is better due to the framerate, but console is fun too. 


Q: How do you feel about Ninja earning $500,000 a month by play Fortnite?

A:        -Christianson: I don’t feel like gaming is much of a job, but making money doing something you enjoy is great

-Santos: Ninja earned it and is the best player in the world. 

-Anderton: He deserves it, because he does a lot of generous things like charity funds. 

-Cambronero: Can I take his job? 

-Pease: That is ridiculous, it’s like being paid for playing COD, like stop.

-Carpenter: It’s not ok, he is playing a video games. If it were for an Esports team then it would be a different story.


Q: Would you like to see a new map or more settings added to the original Fortnite map? 

A:        -Santos: They should add a map in space or add a big castle to the original map 

-Anderton: They shouldn’t add a new map, but they should continue to build onto the original map. 

-Pease: They should add a desert map like PUBG 

-Carpenter: They should add a really dense jungle map, there would be lots of cover and it could inspire some new traps.

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