Arden and Ava

Questions for our new ASB President and Vice President

Lauren Bianco and Savanna Kerr, Staff Reporters

Shorewood just completed the 2018-2019 ASB elections! We thought it would be interesting to get an inside look on what our newest candidates have in store for us. Our president, Arden Hubbard and Vice President, Ava Lee share their plans for Shorewood below.

Arden Hubbard

  • What encouraged you to run?

“I’ve been doing leadership for a while and this year I was recording secretary. I was pretty hesitant for a while so I didn’t want to run, but last minute my mom talked to me and wondered why I wasn’t running. Later on I decided I should and got fired up about it. I saw Peyton do it this year and Garrett last year, and I watched them very closely.”


  • What are your plans/goals for Shorewood?

“I want to make it so there are a lot more activities for everyone because right now there are sports games and events that appeal to only one type of person. I want there to be something for everyone, so I plan to meet with students and serve them rather than just doing what leadership may want.”


  • What steps have you already taken to follow through?

“I’ve been talking a lot with students, and asking them what they want for the next year. I’ve been getting information from people about what they like and don’t like. I’m going to be training pretty soon with WESCO presidents, so I’m going to get input from them about what works for their school.”


  • How do you feel now that you have so much power?

“It’s kind of crazy, and it still doesn’t feel real. I didn’t expect it. I’m excited to make some changes.”


  • What steps are you going to take in the future?

“Just finding new ways to get information for people. This year as a recording secretary, I wrote a lot of minutes and worked really had with student council. I tried to get information that way, however it wasn’t as helpful as I wanted it to be so hopefully next year I’ll be able to find new ways to spread and receive new information. Maybe a schoolwide ASB canvas that everyone can access. I think that would be a really cool idea because everyone would automatically be exposed to ASB updates.”


  • What are you most nervous about?

“I’m most nervous about having all of these ideas and wanting them to turn out a certain way. In leadership we split up jobs and one of my projects might be distributed and if we have poor communication, it won’t turn out how I envisioned it. I’m mostly excited for next year because I know there are a lot of new people who are joining leadership, which means new ideas.”


  • What are you looking forward to?

I’m really looking forward to the freshman BBQ. I’m super pumped for MC-ing assemblies as well as graduation because I get to announce senior names as they walk. But overall I’m most excited to make a change instead of just making open promises.


Ava Lee

  • What encouraged you to run?

“After being a senator for two years, I knew I could bring a greater change to Shorewood and I thought this would be the perfect position for me after going through so many student council meetings. Seeing how Allison does her job has been great help as well.


  • What are your plans/goals for Shorewood?

“My goal for Shorewood is to make it a more positive environment whether that be by people feeling more comfortable coming to ASB, or teachers to give suggestions on how to improve but making everyone feel like their voice is heard.”


  • What steps have you already taken to follow through?

“I’ve been spending lunches in the activity office asking kids if they have any questions”


  • How do you feel now that you have so much power?

“I feel the same because even though it’s a different label, my commitment hasn’t changed for Shorewood. I’m still going to work the same, if not harder to represent Shorewood.”


  • What are you looking forward to?

“I’m looking forward to working with one of my best friends because we got super close last year at leadership camp. Arden is someone I can really see myself being genuine with, we can use constructive criticism to help each other successfully lead.”


  • What does it take to be a vice president?

“To be a vice president you need an open mind, because not everyone is going to have the same opinion on everything. You can spend hours working on an assembly and people will still have criticism, but you need to be able to take their ideas and use them to work harder for the next assembly. You also have to be approachable because how are you supposed to reflect what the students want if you don’t have their opinion?”


  • How closely do you work with the president?

“I will work with the president very closely. We both have a lot of tasks to do and it always helps to have a friend by your side. We plan assemblies together and right now we are working on what we want the academic assembly to look like.”


  • What are your personal responsibilities?

“My personal responsibilities as vice president will be working alongside the president and helping her with various tasks. I will also be running the student council meetings. As I go through the agenda, the recording secretary, Anna Chang, will be taking notes. To prepare for the next student council meeting, the president and I will go and work on a new agenda with the recording secretary.”