Bullet Journals

Bite the bullet with this journaling method

Raven Abridello, Staff Reporter

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Bullet journaling: you may have heard of it, but what exactly is it? Bullet journaling is a system of journaling that is entirely constructed by you. It’s a place to organize your various to-do lists, plan your day, doodle, write, journal, or whatever you want to use it for. All you need is a notebook of any type, and a writing utensil, although most people who use a bullet journal will use different colored pens and markers, decorative tape, stickers, watercolor paint, and various other stationery and art supplies to embellish their journals.

A common structure for bullet journaling includes a monthly calendar, a spot for goals or monthly to-do’s, weekly layouts that could have extra little elements like a sleep tracker or a quote. This organization system gained popularity in 2014, when videos about it were being made on YouTube, and multiple bullet journal communities have appeared across most platforms, the most popular of which being YouTube, where “Bullet Journal With Me” videos are a common occurrence. Of course YouTube isn’t the only place you can find bullet journal inspiration, thanks to social media websites like  Instagram and Tumblr.

I started bullet journaling in August of 2017, mostly because I had been extremely disorganized with my school work the previous year, and also because I loved the aesthetic of bullet journals. To me, bullet journals seemed like a way to be more productive, while still being able to be creative. The photos I saw of bullet journals would have a perfect looking spread of pages, with the markers or pens that were used, plus extra little embellishments, and I thought that this seemed like not only a really fun thing to do, but also really beneficial to ensuring that I was actually conquering my daily to-do list. I started out with no knowledge of how to even start a bullet journal, because the possibilities are endless, so I started with a simple ruled notebook that I would have used for taking notes in class, along with my favorite colored pens. After establishing that I wanted to have goals for each month and a spot for a to-do list for each day, I went in with other elements, like a list of books to read, and a page dedicated to new vocabulary words that I wanted to remember in the future.

After a couple months of simplicity, I decided to make the switch to an actual journal, and try my hand at making weekly spreads, where I could see my whole week at a glance, and I ended up falling in love with all of it. I had dedicated Sunday evenings to just setting up my spread for the week, and it not only made it possible to keep everything more organized, but I was also able to be more productive. Eventually, my very structured journal had turned more into an art journal with to do lists scattered around, but it’s what works for me to be organized, and that’s the beauty of a bullet journal; it can be altered to fit what’s best for you, because you design it.



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