Boys in the Boat

Scullin’ at Pocock Rowing Center


by Courtesy of Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson, middle, at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, Massachusetts, October 2017.

by Carson Bergquist, staff

Chris Lawson started rowing three years ago and gained inspiration from his dad to start. “My dad signed me up for summer rowing and he rowed as an adult as well”. Rowing is a great way to exercise but is also very tiring. “One race is described as two basketball games in under six minutes back to back, my vision has also started to blur at certain times” Said Lawson. Rowing is one of the oldest olympic sports and has been around since the 10th century. It has also taken place at the paralympics since 2008. Indoor rowing is used as a way to practice technique and performance. “I practice six to seven days a week” Said Lawson. Fisa is the world rowing championships and has events with 22 different weight classes. These weight classes are determined by height and weight. People that are over 150 pounds are in the heavyweight class and people under 150 pounds are in the lightweight class. Major rowing competitions take place all around the world. “I have competed in Boston at the Head Of The Charles Regatta twice and at the Henley Room in England once and I plan to row in college” Said Lawson when asked where he has competed during his rowing career and if he plans to continue in college. When asked for advice for people who want to start rowing Lawson said, “ If you are interested give it a try, it might be scary at first because it’s different than other sports. Most people that try it love it and it eventually becomes a big part of their life. The races are either 5k races or 2k races and there is no major league rowing.