Seymour Musicals

'Little Shop of Horrors' opens March 29

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Seymour Musicals

Virginia Patterson, Staff Reporter

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Every year Shorewood puts on a musical, and every year new and returning students try out to demonstrate their talents on stage.


This year actors will be performing “Little Shop of Horrors”. The musical is about a boy named Seymour who works at a flower shop. He lives a mundane life pining after a girl named Audrey until a carnivorous plant turns his trivial life upside down.


The music is composed by Alan Menken. That name may sound familiar to some because Menken has also composed for movies such as Aladdin and The Little Mermaid. The soundtrack promises to bring excitement and energy to stage.


The musical itself is a work of art, but it’s the people in a show that bring it to life. Theater draws interest from students in different grades and backgrounds.Those involved in drama also participate in an array of activities such as drill and water polo. Despite their differences, students work together and bond to accomplish their common goal.


Drama is about the community. It’s a group of individuals working as one to produce a successful show. This is true on and off the stage. “It’s just one giant family”(Amelia Cass, freshman.) it takes more than a lead with a strong voice. It’s also necessary to have directors, choreographers, sound crew, stagehands, a lighting team, and a strong supporting cast.


Drama is about family in school and out. “My family is into the arts. My brother’s a drummer. The people around me influenced me to do drama.”(Amelia Cass, freshman). This is a common trend for among Shorewood students. Shorewood Drama is a family affair. Junior Mia Van Inwegen joined drama her freshman year after her sister Hanna had been in drama the previous two years.


Shorewood drama is a fun diverse group of people working to accomplish a goal and entertain. Consider joining their next production in the fall, and come see Little Shop of Horrors March 29th-31st, and April 5th-8th.

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