The Writing Center

English help for freshmen

Hunter Lowder, Staff Reporter

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Have you ever felt that you can’t quite get your ideas across in your writing? Maybe you want to express that very last detail of how you accidentally broke your girlfriends arm while kissing her, but you can’t put it into words. Shorewood took into consideration of how many kids struggle with this subject and two individuals came together to devise a plan.

Brenda Gilman, teacher, and Dana Knox, teacher, decided to train a selected group of students to help tutor freshman. Freshman can put a request into canvas and then the tutors can pick out a student to help. The purpose of the writing center is to improve the writing of the students that attend Shorewood. “We work with clients to make them better writers not to just get a better grade” said Knox. 

The student tutors range from sophomores to seniors. Each of the tutors went through multiple training sessions and put in a lot of time and effort to become properly prepared to assist others. The tutors have shown dedication and look forward to the future of the writing center. “We have very high hopes for the writing center and we are always glad to help anyone that comes” said Jonathan Hayes, senior. As of now, the focus is mainly on Freshman and how the tutors can help them with their writing assignments, but there are high hopes that tutors can help more than just freshman in the years to come.

There is a well thought out process that is efficient for the tutors and the students to communicate. The underclassmen can post their assignments and ask for help on canvas, then the tutors look over a list and pick out a student that they choose to help. It is preferred that the tutor and student are face to face when the tutor will give feedback, but everything can all be done electronically. Tutors make themselves available during SAS to assist students, but other plans can be scheduled to have a tutoring session at another time.

The writing center hasn’t been around for very long, but there are lots of changes and improvements that will be made over the course of time. One idea is that eventually an app could come around that would connect all of the loose ties within the writing center and make the entire process even easier than it is now. Tutors have described the writing center as a relaxing and fun way of going over schoolwork. “I envision this writing center being a place that students find really helpful because they want to come not because they it’s required,” said Gilman

If you are a ninth grader and you are interested in getting help with your writing, then you can get further information from your english teacher. Anyone who is interested in tutoring can go to Knox in room 1509 or to Gilman in the library. “I am especially grateful to the ninth grade English teachers who encouraged their students to take advantage of this unique opportunity during SAS,” -Gilman